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More Rival Schools goodness!

It seems that Capcom will NEVER EVER release these games on PSN because they lost the rights to the soundtrack or some crap? That's . . . that's great. x0

The series will just have to live on through porn fanart I guess.

Jockstrapped Shoma~

Hopefully the characters will keep popping up once in a while for the VS games at least . . .

Doesn't Rival Schools technically share a universe with Street Fighter (because Sakura cameos in RS?) Capcom should do with Rival Schools what they did with Final Fight and bring these guys in!

Just an idea.


  1. Rival Schools deserve more appreciation!!! It's a great series of games and the charas are cool & HOT! YEAH!!

  2. I really am hating on Capcom right now. That is BS. I heard voice actors say they get paid for the session to record the sounds and don't receive any other compensation afterwards. It just like when Anime gets rescued from a defunct company, the actors who originally provided the voices for the series don't get paid a fee from the company who hold the license now when they use the original audio tracks. Unless the rules regarding the use of audio tracks for a video game for a different port has changed, I think someone here is being quite lazy.

  3. Just felt like I needed to point out, the Szadek pic with the character in the jockstrap and cleats isn't a Rival Schools character, he's an OC belonging to someone on Y!G.

    Also, I could have sworn Szadek did a pic of Robert too. :P

  4. I really love your blog 8D
    Rival Schools rulez

  5. The men of rival school/project justice are SO sexy. I hope Batsu, Tiffany "The FEMALE boxer", and Nagare appear in future Capcom crossovers.

  6. WAIT,bring them IN or bring them INNNNNN?