Oh wait! I forgot I did have one Eyeshield 21 screencap post!

Yes, that's right Sena and Monta! It's about Ootawara!

I took these caps so long ago I forgot I had them. Shame on me!

These are from episode 56, wherein a few members of the Devil Bats find Ootawara workin' out at the local park!

What delicious eye-candy to find out of the blue!

Anyway, the story of this episode was Sena and Monta had joined the Sumo Club, along with Komusubi their diminutive friend?

Being the kind-hearted bruiser that he is . . .

Ootawara jumped down . . .

Add ImageAnd offered his assistance with their training!

Luckily, he isn't intimidating at all.

At least, not for Komusubi, who challenges him right away!

As brave as a lion, that one!

His charge is fierce . . .

But not nearly fierce enough!

Wedgie time!

He's left eating Ootawara's dust.

In the end, they had a little sit-down.

Spitting's a disgusting habit.

And Ootawara offered some surprisingly deep (for him) advice!

. . .

. . . my god. His body really is incredibly deformed, isn't it.

FAST FORWARD. Sena and co. enter a sumo competition. Surprisingly however, who do they find there but . . . Ootawara again!

It seems he'll be serving as the final boss . . .

Can anyone hope to defeat this behemoth? (I love those mawashi that sumo wrestlers wear ♥)

Everyone who challenges him gets stomped flat!

It's Monta's turn next.
Can this monkey-like young man defeat the brute?

. . .

. . . no, no he can't.

I'm sure he'll be fine though.

In the end, it's Ootawara and Komusubi who make it to the finals.

Looks like a fiery rematch is in order!

Will the shorter guy get trounced again?

Or will this time be different?

Only one way to find out!

Komusubi again takes the offensive.

He's stronger than before!

But . . .

It's still not enough to topple the hulking linebacker.

. . . OR IS IT?!

What a feat of strength!

Is this the end for Ootawara?

Hahaha! Nope!

ACTUALLY, yes it is!

But why . . . ?

. . .

It seems that in the heat of combat, Ootawara's mawashi came off . . . (this is kind of a running theme with him)

Yes, sumo, an ancient fighting sport where stripping your opponent naked is just one more path to victory . . .


  1. So... Why does Otowara only have four toes on each foot in the last screen shot of the finishing throw, but not in the rest?

  2. While we might have differing interests in yaoi, this entire episode was nothing but ridiculous fan service for me thanks to seeing so many shots of Monta's butt.

  3. "Spitting is a disgusting habit" (shows cap of nose picking) Haha! I completely agree, spitting is a disgusting habit