The Last Unicorn

So I make NO SECRET that The Last Unicorn is my favorite movie (also, book?) and I don't CARE if that's girly or whatever because that movie is AWESOME. So wistful and sad in that Peter S. Beagley sort of way, with that feeling of magic I only remember from a lonely childhood. I love the whole thing, even Liir's atrocious American accent and those cheesy songs they make Mia Farrow sing.

So of course I just had to pick up The Last Unicorn graphic novel when it came out, to bask in some more nostalgia know what I'm sayin'? And imagine my surprise when I open it up to find . . .

Whaaa? Last Unicorn BEEFCAKE?

Yeah, apparently there was a precedent of unicorns turned into humans before Amalthea? And it was a hot dude? I didn't remember this part from the novel (though I'm sure it's in there--I'm just forgetful)

Yeah, a little pretty for this blog and the flowing tresses are maybe a little much. But I like his cute little beard thing~


  1. I remember the description from the book- the "giggling virgin" bit is definitely there. I don't remember the part about him being crazy beefcake, but that could just be artistic license.
    (Also what, there was a Last Unicorn graphic novel and I didn't even know!)

  2. I think the Last Unicorn is a movie for only children (or lonely ones) because you don't have noisy siblings ruining the magic of it all.

    That said I read the book a few months back and I do NOT recall this at ALL O.O

    (The beefcake parts)


    When is Beagle gonna hurry up and make that sequel he's been teasing over!

  3. 'Two Hearts' has been out for, like, a while now Jubell! It's pretty short but most of the main characters show up in it at some point or other. Also we may be getting a whole novel sequel at some point as well, eventually?

    There's also three Schmendrick and three Unicorn stories being released in different collections I think. One of them is in his newest collection 'Sleight of Hand'.

    And yes! Graphic novel! It's not an adaptation without flaws, but the art is basically gorgeous throughout. And I just heard today that they're working on adapting 'A Fine and Private Place' next!