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Lately I've been working on a slew of stories. All available digitally from Amazon, and able to be read on kindle, tablet, PCs--whatever you've got! Featuring a bunch of spankings, but also heavily saturated with homoeroticism, sweaty wrestling, bros giving handjobs, magical jockstraps, and big dumb guys getting pantsed. You know, all those things that we love.

If you're at all interested, you can check out my author profile here. (I'd really appreciate it!)

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 “Wh--who’re you?!” Ray asked tremulously.

"Who're WE?" the other brother said back in amazement.

"We're your frat brothers!"

"That's right. We're the guys you gotta impress if you ever wanna make it past being a nasty little piece of pledge puke!"

"We're the boot that you gotta lick. The paddle that blisters your ass. The icy hot that gets dumped down your jock. The itching powder that--"

"Okay okay, Tyrone, don't need to give away all the fun we'll be having later," Bruce interrupted him, letting out a deep chuckle.

Rules of the Frat, a fraternity spanking story. For $0.99 you get hunky frat boys, jockstraps, paddling, handjobs, and the milking of hot loads from horny young studs. To quote the imaginary backflap: 26 pages of ass burning, boner throbbing action!

This one kiiinda makes me jockstrap fetish even more obvious than ever before. It also features a really well-done mutual wanking scene but that's just my own opinion. :x

“Aooowwww! Stop that! That stings, you lout!” Antaeus shrieked, apparently unused to such pain.

But Hercules did not stop. Rather, he began to put even more of his extraordinary strength into each powerful blow. His mighty palm made Antaeus’s supremely muscular buttocks bounce and clench in humiliated pain. “You deserve this and more, after forcing your subjects to wrestle against you when they have no chance of victory! Perhaps this will teach you to pick on opponents your own size!”

“Aaaarrghh! I beg you! No more!”

“Do you admit that I am the better man?” Hercules asked with a laugh.

“Never!!” Antaeus spat out defiantly. But unfortunately for him, that only invited more hearty whacks from Hercules’s hard and heavy palm onto his fast reddening hindquarters. “Yeeeowwwww!”

The Son of Zeus grinned broadly as he left handprint after blazing handprint on Antaeus’s round and meaty buttocks as the other demi-god squirmed helplessly over his shoulder. His father would surely look upon him with pride from Mount Olympus for his victory and congratulate him on demeaning his opponent in such a way. With this spanking he would bring yet more prestige to the throne of Olympus.

Spankings of Myth and Legend. This collection is actually two tales in one! The first features the legendary Hercules, and feeds into my love of Greek mythology, sweaty muscular men wrestling, skimpy togas, and (surprise surprise) spanking! The second, "The Merry Spankings of Sherwood,"  has been redone and heavily revamped for publication. It features Robin Hood and Little John meeting for the first time and solving their differences like adults, mostly by swatting each others bare-naked asses with switches.

Men had so many delightful reactions to being denuded. Some got angry, putting up a fuss and in the process drawing even more attention to their plight. Some became embarrassed, going to extreme measures to hide themselves from sight and avoid the eyes of others. Some took it stoically, gritting their teeth and viewing it as a burden to bear until they could find something to put on. Many blushed red as a lobster. Some turned pale as a ghost.

But no matter how they reacted, Snagger loved them all. It was his firmly held belief that to see a man’s true face, all you had to do was strip him naked in front of his peers. The surly orc bouncer at the bar, for instance, responded with nervousness. ...

The Jockstrap Bandit, because I needed a non-spanking story ;P  Instead, this one focuses on the exploits of an underwear-stealing bandit as he makes his way about the fictional city of Armorear humiliating men of all stripes and colors. It's an epic tale of sword and sorcery, exposures and erections, minotaurs, thieves, bounty hunters, and enchanted jockstraps! It's also probably my favorite of the batch.

Once again, if you're at all interested in any of these stories please head over to my Amazon author page and take a look! There are longer excepts there too. Don't be afraid to leave a review or three, either! :3

(no no, this blog is still basically dead . . . but I figured there might be people who followed me here but didn't make the jump to tumblr that would be interested in these. I'll probably feature more 'ads' like this in the future as well, so be on the lookout!)