Final Fantasy Week Concludes

I could've made four or five more posts on this series, but then I thought to myself, "Why make a bunch of little posts when I could make one BIG post instead?" The same logic can apply to pancakes!

One last hurrah. In order of game publication!

(cough) This is Yang. He's a monk, so I GUESS I've got the hots for him.

Next up, one last glimpse of beefy FFVII Cid . . .
Couldn't have put it better myself!

Loz from Advent Children. Had. A. Nice. Butt.

Cloud gittin' monster raped.

That infamous hot tub scene~~ x3

Bridging the gap from VII to VIII, here's the two games' main characters getting it on.

Raijin! Oh ye gods there is not nearly as much porn of this dumb hunk as there should be. (ya know?)

Hey, y'know what'd be awesome? If there was ANY PORN EVER of Ward. He was totally butt bumpin' with Kiros and Laguna. You KNOW he was.

Like the image says. FFX! Tidus swimmin'

And . . . looks like he lost his trunks.

Older men. >3

WAKKA. I've made posts on this guy before, but there's been a slew of new art since then! Let us take a gander, shall we?
So basically what we can learn from this is that Wakka is a giant gay whore. u_u

. . . and so are tonberries.

Final Fantasy XII is next! We'll start off with my favorite piece of fanart.
No, nothing will ever top this. Ever.

Ah, what lovely sights there be in Ivalice.

And what's more, concept art and screenshots from the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII have already given us a look at the next bara man to grace our consoles. His name is Snow, but it's a misnomer because he's HOT? (wow, somebody shoot me)

His nickname in the game is gonna be "Mr. 33cm", supposedly in relation to his shoe-size. But I think we all know what size they're really talking about.