Cid Highwind

Continuing the FFVII route, here we encounter that game's Cid (my favorite of the lot). He's a chain-smokin', swear-sayin', "tea" swillin' airship pilot with the grumpiest attitude this side of Gold Saucer. But he combines the Engineer class with the Dragoon class, so that makes him awesome in my book!

Wow, Nomura art WITHOUT needless buckles and straps? I had forgotten there was such a thing.


His look in Kingdom Hearts. In that game he's still grumpy, but works as a shopkeeper and fixes up your gummi ship.

Some artists like to draw Cid really burly.

I got no complaints with that. x3

Flightsuit fetish?

Dongsaeng draws him with the cutest briefs. (because MANLY MEN aren't afraid to wear adorable underwear)

Gettin' sucked off by the group leader.

Actually, Cid probably gets a lot of blow jobs in his line of work.

But he probably spends more time tending to his own needs. You know, a pilot's best friend is his hand. (and lord knows Shera isn't ever gonna satisfy him)

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

Getting . . . interrogated . . . by Reeves.
A little tied up

Vincent/Cid is his most popular yaoi pairing, but I'm not really sure why.

When it looks like THIS though, I don't really mind. Vincent's final limit break might leave him a little sore!

. . . Moogles!?



  1. I don't think those are moogles, I think they're Chip and Dale. Gummi Ship workings...buttsex?

  2. Wow, that somehow makes it even DIRTIER. :D

  3. I think Cid/Vincent is popular because of thta one line at the Gold Saucer when Vincent goes over to him and says they should go to bed. Plus everyone is too busy slashing Cloud with Sephiroth to use them.

    Heh, I spent pretty much all of FF7 assuming he was like 70 and then Advent Children came out and I was all "Buh? He's hot!?" Course I'd still like to know how they can give him grey hair in the game and then make him blond everywhere else.

  4. I fucking hate my BFF at the moment for showing me this... IM STREIGHT!!!!!!!