Much Obliged

Just wanted to let you guys know, I was having a pretty crap day when I made the last post (notice how I didn't even include any "witty" one-liners to go along with the images and links? yeah). But reading the comments left on it REALLY brightened my mood. Thanks a lot, guys! Sometimes you make it all totally worth it.

While I'm at it, thanks to everybody who's ever left a comment on one of my silly perv entries. I don't always reply, but I do read every one and always appreciate a kind word or two. The blog is up to 43 followers as of now, which I guess is pretty good? But anyway, muchas gracias dudes, and keep on visitin'!


  1. There are tonnes more people who read this than that, I for one just don't have an account to follow you with thats all!
    Don't ever stop doing what you do, I love your updates too much hehe

  2. What Anon said - I don't formally follow this blog (I'm more partial to using Livejournal anyway), but I do check pretty damn often.

    (Interestingly enough, my boyfriend also made a passing comment about my comment on DR Red 1. So that's at least two people.)

    And glad to see that you yourself are feeling much better now.

  3. another anonymous! :D
    like they said :D

    i don't follow much of the blogs i frequently visit, and by frequent, i really mean every day :D
    yours i come to like most days! even these days prior to end of term exams! lol...

    your blog is great!
    keep it up! it's hilarious at times and very random too!
    go go go croup! keep on at it!

  4. I'm too lazy to follow anyone's blog, but I must be crazy if not bookmarked your blog already in a special folder.

    And Im too, glad to hear that you're okay again.

    Just like my father used to say. "A cure for stressed mind is a good fuck (or for me... a good fap)"


  5. *s-sniffle*

    You guys are making me so happy! TT____TT

    That's true about a lot of people following the blog, but not *following* the blog. Probably shouldn't be surprised, heh. This is basically a GAY PORN blog, after all.

    Hey Inferno, what's your LJ? I need more friends over on that thing. (you can just email me if you don't want to publically say it over blog comments, lol)

    And Tinman . . . your dad really said that to you? xD

  6. I'm probably not listed as a "follower" but I do subscribe to the RSS feed. You've made great, er, perv posts that have made me lol, sweat, hot and bothered, and lol some more.

    (Oh, are you going to edit Perfect Manager 2?)

  7. Thanks, Wohdin! I wasn't planning on doing Perfect Manager 2, but maybe sometime in the future? Before anything else I'd like to finish all the currently released Dragon Ranger stuff.

  8. animo dude!!
    i love your blog
    and ...i don't want to write in english so....
    sigue asi, no te desanimes :)

  9. @Croup:
    He really said that... :D :D
    I remember it was one day before the big last exam. And with so much text and content to memorize..
    Well, I kinda snapped and start throwing things, punching the wall...
    And thats when my dad came,give me that parent talk and finally handed me a straght porn dvd... (eew, its Asia Carrera)
    And he said, "Son, a cure for stressed mind is a good fuck. But because you're not married yet, have a good fap" O____o
    Of course it was totally useless for me, but still I fapped....
    And on the big day.... all the things that I've memorized... they've gone in the drain...

    okay.... NEXT RELEASE PLOX!!! :)

  10. i agree with anonymous, which is stange for i am anonymous too, but i am differnt to that last anonymous, and there one after that also, atlest i am, no i am..
    i have to say i do check your site everyday, which bring me the joy that only you can, well that and after the great British love that is tea, but your not far behind!
    NEVER CHANGE, hmmm that was corny, but i mean it


  11. What I wanted to say has already been said... Following this blog not only because I'm a fan of bara hotness, anime and spanking, but because you're a wonderful fella, talented (pr0nz too) funny and big-hearted (project vomits). You are very much appreciated - and you definitely have more followers than that, as you can see. ;3 [Sets up fanclub and sheet]


    . . . thanks everybody. ^////^

    Spanonymous, I can't read Español, but I think I get the gist of what you're saying!

    Tinman, that's seriously hysterical. What a cool dad you've got!

    Britonymous, while I'm sure I could never measure up close to tea, I'm glad I rate anywhere on that list at all!

    Pudding, you--you crazy kid!

  13. one more anon to say how much he loves your blog. i haven't had regular internets access in the last couple of days *GASP* but i do tend to tune in once a day. fuck i'm horny. you provide a great service to all us horndogs out there. keep up the smoldering-hot work!

  14. mmm... you have more everyday viewers in your blog than you think~
    (like me~)