Grungy Fanart

It's always lots of fun seeing other artist's takes on my favorite gen-active slut!

First up is the famous Iceman.
I like this second on in particular!

By the luscious Fruitdrop. Keep searching Grunge, you'll find it eventually!

By Crimson Blood from y!gal. Messy!

I have no idea who drew THIS piece of crap.

Duck18 from y!gal! I think Grunge wants something in that hole.

Also by Duck18. In addition, colored by myself. Just the men of the team being couch potatoes!

A few spanking drawings here . . . It should surprise no one that the following were all either commissioned or requested by me. =3

First two are by Dongsaeng!
Here we've got Grunge getting punished by the team's mentor, Lynch. In my favorite fashion, bare-butt and OTK! Judging by his befuddled expression, I don't think Grunge expected this.

Next Grunge's teammate Burnout decides to discipline him! Uh-oh! Looks like Burnout's decided to use his fire-powers to add a bit of heat to his smacks. x3

Next is the great spank/fantasy artist, Spryte. He always think of the most imaginative punishment scenarios, and this one is no exception. His OC namesake teaches Grunge that no matter what material he turns himself into, he's gettin' a spankin'!
My favorite bit is the frying eggs. x3

Lastly, my personal favorite artist on y!gallery, Dongsaeng, has drawn quite a few Gen13 fanarts. Let's check 'em out!
A few, uhhh, "romantic" Grunge/Burnout pieces. ;]

Grunge gettin' busy with Dongsaeng's OC, Ian. Someday I oughtta do a post on that stud, too!

A few oekaki~
Poor Grunge needs a bigger condom.

While Dong typically imagines Grunge as a top, I convinced him to draw Grunge taking it up the ass just once. Courtesy of his buddy/rival Tommy! Those two are always have contests on who's manlier . . . xD


  1. Wow, it's not often that Iceman's work isn't my favorite in a group but that one where he's lifting his legs and showing off his hole is just...yummy!

  2. You may have just convinced me to look up Gen13, just for the Grungeart...love Duck18 and Dongsaeng's takes on him...and the frying eggs bit is hilarious!