Sabin Rene Figaro

FFVI is my favorite Final Fantasy (if you don't count Final Fantasy Tactics . . . ) and the hottest guy in it was definitely Sabin (aka. Mash). He was the martial artist of the game! Strong, loyal, and using his blitzes in battle was like playing Street Fighter!

Here's some official art of him. Ha ha . . . ! It's funny when Amano tries to draw muscular guys.

Terra: [seeing Sabin for the first time] Brother? At first glance, I thought he was some bodybuilder who had strayed from his gym...
Sabin: I'll take that as a compliment!

WTF beard?

How he looked in the CG opening to the Playstation remake. Dunno what's up with that tooth necklace. He's going for the caveman look?

"And now for some fanart!" Croup said.


Some fun fooling around with Gau. Those two!

These pics are all well and good, but . . . isn't Sabin a bit skinny in them? Where's the big beefy slab of man-flesh I came here for?
That's . . . that's a bit better.

Well, anyway! Sabin has a wonderful relationship with his brother Edgar.

They're really close! Neither wanted the Figaro throne after the Empire killed their father, so Edgar tricked Sabin into leaving the kingdom. And when they reunited years later, it was sweet! And . . . and I don't think brother-fucking was ANYWHERE in that game.
. . . oh well!

Ten-to-one odds this all started after talking about a coin toss or something . . .

Yeah Sabin, you're a cock-whore. We get it. (slut)

He's also good (butt)buddies with Cyan! Because, y'know, after Cyan's family was killed he needed to find comfort somewhere. And you can't go wrong with a dumb hunky monk for some lovin', amiright?

Oh, but this is just ridiculous. Ultros was a bad guy! A bad OCTOPUS! Surely he and Sabin would never get along.

. . . oh Sabin! Stay strong, big guy.

"Muscle Heads, hate 'em!"


That's a predicament . . .

Spanked by big bro~♥

Did someone say Bum Rush . . . ?



    I love you for this post there is NOT enough FF6 ero.

  2. absolutely love the Sabin and Gau pic <3 They're like brothers. Sabin and Edgar is very different (at least their body)--> Bodybuilder and engineer?