Got a few requests for Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, so here we go!

Here he is utilizing his three-sword technique. He holds the third in his mouth! Maybe he has an oral fixation?

I haven't read much of the manga, but I'm pretty sure he likes to bare his chest in it a lot. Oh, and the author likes to throw his characters in funny outfits.

Okay, enough official art! Time for the fanstuff!

Wet t-shirt contest?

Speedo~ Tan lines~

Relievingg some tension~
Gotta be careful though, Zoro. Even when you've got some privacy on the ship . . .
You can still be interrupted in the act by surprise buttsex.

Mega beefy Zoro! (and that towel is a bit off-center)

Zoro gets bloodied up fairly often in the series . . . not sure about the stripped naked part, though.

Some Zoro in command and lovin' it

Aaaaand, some Zoro NOT in command, but turned on anyway. :3

Since he's a macho tough-guy, the homo-fans love to see him get raped.
Hell, even in crossover art like this with Tsubasa's Kurogane, he gets it up the ass.

Luckily, Smoker is one character who gets bottom'd even more commonly by the fandom, so Zoro is allowed to finger him. (that reminds me, I should do a Smoker post sometime)

His most common pairing is with Sanji, which doesn't really tickle my buttons. Some artists can pull it off though.
. . . such as images like this one, by Ryld. Honestly, when the subject is THIS HOT, I couldn't care less who's dick is thrusting up there.

But, obviously, pairing him with Franky is so much better. ;3

Or even Luffy.

Well, there you have it!


  1. You just made my day.

  2. zoro is my fav charater on that show

  3. i m glad ya liked my pic :)
    i m francesco,tha one who drawn the pic with zoro and franky :)
    i m on y gallery however :)

  4. he can relieve his tension inside me while we climax together

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  6. if I had a real life Zoro like him and had the chance to get dick from him I'd say yes and tell em go savage in me put that dick in me torture me with your dick and make me scream savage