Wrestling Wednesday: Kurt Angle

The subject of so many fantasies . . .

The stud's a dream. Big, hunky, powerful. He also won the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal for wrasslin', which I guess goes to show ya!

He also likes to work on his tan in a thong.
"Are you looking at my crotch?"
Shy guy! But he doesn't mind walking around the building in that same skimpy piece of underwear later on . . .

Here's some shots of him calling the shots in the ring!
Manhandling Brock Lesnar.

Who can ever forget the kiss those two shared?

But just because he's a pro doesn't mean he doesn't get into his share of troubles!

Like gettin' picked up . . .

His face sat on . . .

Stripped down and pantsed . . .

(often by HHH)

(running around with the straps of his thong drooping over his butt)

This beefy guy just seems to soak up acts of humiliation.
. . . SPANKED . . .

That's why we love Kurt Angle!


  1. nice. so hot.

    love the face sit pic. mmpphh!

  2. the WWE really need to bring back the manthongs on the hot guys for us WWE fans,it was well appreciated,remember how careful i had to be when the men showed the manthongs,my wife was next to me in the room and things could get "hard" & definitely show,funny thing she couldn't understand why i was so horny later in the bedroom,i told her wrestling fights cause the adrenaline and testosterone to flow in men ;) ......