The Male Baths

From the playstation RPG Lunar: Silver Star Story. A really fun, well localized game (Working Designs, I miss you) with occasional fan-service thrown in to sweeten the deal!

There are two baths in the game, a male one and a female one. To use either, you need to have an easily-missed key item "soap". The dungeon to reach the female bath is notoriously difficult, but oddly there are no such obstacles for the men's. And once you get there . . . x3

Yep, you get to see your male characters washing up. Kyle gets a gorgeous butt-shot, with some blurring for the back of his balls. You can also have fun counting all his scars. Alex and Nash are a bit more modest with towels wrapped around their waists, but seem to be having a good time regardless. And white dragon Nall's found himself a nice perch on Kyle's brawny shoulder.

Wonder how many straight fanboys regretted using up their soap at the wrong bath . . . ? xD



Continuing the Bleach theme--the show's hot dad, Isshin!

Nom nom nom.

He's such an adorably enthusiastic guy.


Isshin with Urahara.

And then with Soul Society's Kenpachi . . .

Strawberry & Cream

More fanart of Bleach's Ichigo, punks!
Seems he misplaced his shinigami robes here . . .

Ichigo, dude, you're supposed to measure from the base, not the balls. Somebody teach this guy how it's done!

Well, this at least he seems to know the hang of. (and Kon seems to be admiring the view)

. . . though he seems a bit miffed about cleaning up afterwards.

Stripping out of his clothes . . . Oh, the shame of it all!

Having a little fun with Kon, clearly. But which is which?

And Renji gets in on some of the action, too. Ichigo is like the fandom bicycle. Everyone's been on him for a ride.
Byakuya's wandering hands.

In wacky anime land, rivals always make good lovers.
Ichigo's "other" sword. HURR HURR.


Rock Out With Your Cock Out

There's something different about Joe's costume, but I can't quite put my finger on it . . .


Reward For The Capture Of . . .

Alright, I have a confession to make. I am the biggest fan of Farscape in the world.

Yes, I am. Well, okay, maybe not the BIGGEST, but I loved that show so bad. SO bad. DAMN YOU SCI-FI FOR CANCELING IT.

And I'll confess this, too. A big part of my fanboying is likely due to how damn hot the main character, John Crichton (played by Ben Browder) was. I mean, goddamn.

Even TV Guide agrees with me.

But seriously, the man is hot.

I remember how young and innocent he looked in the first season. Getting all embarrassed about losing his clothes after he was captured by Moya's crew . . . (if I captured John Crichton, I'd probably strip him naked first thing, too)

Not that we-the-viewers could see anything. Damn bars getting in the way!

He gets over his shyness pretty fast though, and soon starts baring his half-naked torso to his alien buddies without a second thought.

He even looks good while sporting a ridiculous beard and trying for that 'Castaway' look.

And I don't watch Stargate, but maybe I should if Ben Browder gets to walk around in his underwear and get hand-cuffed to beds and things.
Nice bulge.
(Actually, no, I shouldn't watch Stargate. I kinda hate that show. Curses!)

Crichton looks adorable when he's sleeping.
. . . when he wakes up, too!

But don't let the warm fuzzies mislead you. The man is pure bad-ass.

And I probably don't even need to say this, but his butt looks incredible no matter what he's wearing.
The problem is he KNOWS it! xD

In khakis.

In jeans.

In flight-suits.

And especially his standard ensemble, leather.

Did I mention leather?

Oh, Jim Henson wardrobe department. What lovely people you all must be.