Cute VS. Butt

From Those Who Hunt Elves. Remember back when the first volume was released on VHS, and we all loved how awesome the dub was? And then the second one came out, and we all got pissed about how crappy it'd gotten? Or--oh shit I just made myself sound really old.

Anyway, this scene is from the second episode of the second series! It features my main man Junpei, martial-arts expert and strong guy, showing what he's got!

His enemy? These, um, these adorable little critters.

Interesting factoid. While the main plot of this show involves a group of humans stripping hot female elves (yes I know), Junpei proves in this scene that he's quite adept at stripping himself as well.
Belt unbuckles.
Pants unzip.
However, Junpei didn't count on the tenacity of these little guys!
Best. Screencap. Ever.
Maybe next time, Junpei . . .


  1. MahoutsukainoKontonFebruary 2, 2009 at 3:48 AM

    *chuckle chuckle* This makes me all the more sad that the manga never got finished here. Those are some good shots of his *cough* assets. I just wish he was a little more brighter like Gateau was.

  2. I always wanted to see him naked he has a perfect latin ass