Naruto Doujin

Blah blah blah my next project blah blah please look forward to it!

To relieve any future confusion, I wanna say right off the bat that most of this was NOT done by me. Most of the work is already done by Zombot (with translation by Ryo-kun) and they are allowing me to finish up the project due to my obscene levels of Narutardedness and that they're both busy.

That said, oh man you guys. This was the first bara book I ever read (back on the narutoyaoi LJ group!) and it's still my favorite ever. It's basically the thing that got me into bara in the first place. ASUMA STORY (!!!) + KIBA STORY (♥♥♥) + KAKASHI STORY (meh) = HAPPY TIMES IN MY PANTS


  1. I already had this in English, but I dunno who did it... is the one I have incomplete? (36 pages)

  2. Damn, I haven't read any Naruto doujinshi... (it always tends to be KakaIruka, which pisses me off, as you well know ;3) but this looks interesting... if it's got Asuma in it, it MUST be great!

    Oh, and hey, hey, Soupy! Just wondering... you've probably already seen it, but I have this Ibiki & Shikamaru/Asuma doujinshi - if you don't have it, I'd love to send it to you~

  3. Here is a link to the Naruto Doujinshi in English. It's already finished so you don't need to do double work. It'd be better if you can do a new story XD

  4. Aww, I already have this in English. O well, just means more suspense before I get to see what you do next.

    @ Wohdin/Bepi: From the sound of it, it's translated. Croup just edits it into better grammar/spelling, so you're too late to save time. Something else is going to take as long if he edits this or not.

  5. Uhhh no offense to the dudes who did the other job, but have you guys read through it? I plan to give this book the more professional job that it deserves.

  6. hey, croup-kun, does this mean you're translanting it or sharing it? not sure! but would love to see it ;)

    this is rahl, btw

  7. Where can i download this?