Welcome To My Newest Obsession

Masuraou. A shonen action/humor manga. Possibly GAYER than Hajime no Ippo.

It's all about this punk/gang-leader/yakuza dude named Takeshi Yamato, who moves from Tokyo to a small town near Osaka when his dad gets a new job.

All main characters should dress like this.

There, starting a new life, turning over a new leaf, etc. Takeshi hopes to keep a big dark secret under wraps (so to speak). What is the secret? We find out in the very first chapter when he goes to a public bathhouse . . .

Yes, in case you didn't get the SUBTLE imagery, Takeshi's big (cough) secret is that he has an enormous dick. While that probably doesn't sound all that bad, the fact is that his size had kept him from getting any girlfriend in the big city. (some girls like it big, but poor Takeshi is BIG)

Hey, I didn't come up with the plot to this thing!

But anyway, Takeshi's secret is soon out to the public.

Also in this village, there's some sort of annual fighting tournament/MANLINESS competition. Takeshi gets drawn into it, and we get cool action scenes as a result! The best part about it, though, is that the guys all fight in fundoshi (traditional Japanese underwear).

Here's a scene where maybe he's getting fitted for the first time? (haven't actually read this far for context, *cough*)

And also his first time getting groped by a gay man?
. . . yeah. I'd LOVE to adapt some of this shit. Just for scenes like this one.

I mean, come on. It's been published in FRANCE, but not out here in English? If anyone out there knows Chinese and just happens to feel like translating a couple hundred pages of half-naked dudes fighting and getting into hijinks involving big penises, let me know!

Conversely, if anybody knows where to get the Japanese raws for these books, let me know that too!

Or, heck, there's also the French version. That'd probably be easier to translate anyway.

Someone just get me a version, okay?

In the meantime, I'm going to keep reading the Chinese version and enjoying the artwork, if nothing else. ;3


  1. I would rather see it adapted from the official French version instead of ambiguously from the Chinese, but that's just me.

    Also, DO WANT. 8D~

  2. I'd be all for that too, actually. Should probably edit the post!

    But yeah, I'd frankly settle for any translation at all, as long as we DO get one. Thanks for the support!

  3. If someone can get hold of the french version, I wouldn't mind doing some translating.

    Je parle très bien le français!

  4. Wow, thanks Sympo. I'll definitely keep you in mind if I can get ahold of that thing!

  5. I never thought knowing Chinese would have *this* sort of benefit. I'm not much of a translator, unfortunately.

    I'll read through it and see what I can do.

  6. Seriously, Anon?

    Don't sweat it if you can't, but if you CAN . . . Even a rough translation would be incredibly appreciated.

  7. Hmmmm
    I have downloaded the first three vols. of the french version, and i had intentions to translate them for now, but into spanish (it's my language, sorry, i'm not used to write in english).

    If that Annon. user translate it into english, i'll be glat to be cleaner and editor, so i will share the job.

    Hey, where can I find the RAWs?

  8. Wow! Where did you find the Chinese version anyway?