Best. Fight. Ever.

Alright, so I know it's untranslated, and I only have the barest sense of the plot, but these Masuraou scans are just too hot not to share.

After clicking through volume two of this series, I started to get worried it didn't have as much fanservice as I'd hoped. Barely a shirtless scene for 100+ pages! But then, in volume three . . . they more than make up for it.

We'll start off today's post with a battle royale. The object seems to be skimming out the weaker fighters and allowing the stronger ones to make it to the top of the shrine(?). The proof of their strength is--and normally I'd say this must be my own wishful thinking except it's RIGHT THERE ON THE PAGE--taking the fundoshi off the men they defeat.

Yeah, they strip the losers naked.

I really hope the mangaka is gay, or else he's just stuck drawing the wrong story here.

Our hero Takeshi easily evades three mostly-naked assailants.

But then he meets . . . THIS man. Is he supposed to be cosplaying as Hard-Gay?

Regardless, he clearly know to go for his opponent's, um . . . weak spot, first.

What follows is the most homoerotic fight of all time.
Things are definitely NOT looking good for Takeshi here, as he's been wrestled into one of the classic "taking it up the ass" positions.

But what's this? A sudden view up this young lady's skirt provides Takeshi with a little boner of his own . . .
A boner which, YES, is so powerful that it cuts off his homo opponent's windpipe, and he suffers probably his happiest defeat ever. Ph33r Takeshi's dick, for it is all-powerful.

Taking the man's fundoshi off him, Takeshi prepares to meet his next challenge . . . x3

For anybody who wants to read this manga without going through a malware riddled website, one kind anon on /bara/ uploaded the thing onto megaupload for us. EDIT: And then those links were deleted, so I re-upped them to rapidshare.

Volumes 1-5