The Male Baths

From the playstation RPG Lunar: Silver Star Story. A really fun, well localized game (Working Designs, I miss you) with occasional fan-service thrown in to sweeten the deal!

There are two baths in the game, a male one and a female one. To use either, you need to have an easily-missed key item "soap". The dungeon to reach the female bath is notoriously difficult, but oddly there are no such obstacles for the men's. And once you get there . . . x3

Yep, you get to see your male characters washing up. Kyle gets a gorgeous butt-shot, with some blurring for the back of his balls. You can also have fun counting all his scars. Alex and Nash are a bit more modest with towels wrapped around their waists, but seem to be having a good time regardless. And white dragon Nall's found himself a nice perch on Kyle's brawny shoulder.

Wonder how many straight fanboys regretted using up their soap at the wrong bath . . . ? xD


  1. Accio towels!?
    Aw, no effect, so no better perch for the dragon.

  2. Is the Japanese version uncensored? This needs to be investigated.

  3. Hehe, I remember. I have played both Lunars many many times.

  4. This picture was one of the first times I realized I was gay. True story, I realized I wanted to go to the mens baths instead of the girls, so I did. ;)

  5. I'd suspect you're not alone there, Roar. I know that I had no interest in heading over to the ladies side (other than for my obsessive need of collecting every cutscene/bromide in the game), but would watch this one with Kyle's ass over and over again . . .

  6. lol damn same as Roar and SoupGoblin.
    *save game*
    *Uses Soap*
    *watch picture*
    *load game*
    love that game