Ryotsu the Giant (1)

So episode 293 began with a mad scientist trying to convince Ryotsu how great it would be if he were, y'know, bigger.

Like a fighting champion or a professional athlete!

Ryotsu, having been rather short all his life, doesn't see the point. Size doesn't matter!

But oh, Ryo-san, in this case ignorance is NOT bliss. How many babes on the beach do you ever get?

Compared to the much . . . taller Nakagawa?

That's right, not that many!

But if you just eat these magical size-increasing thingamabobs . . .

Why, what girl could resist a hunk like THIS?

Not too many I'd bet! Hah hah hah hah hah!

Alright, Ryo-san will do it!


At first he doesn't notice any change, but after getting back to the police box . . .

Is something . . . different?

My, what a transformation!

Ryo-san is soon enjoying his new life as a Tall Person.

He can get things down from trees now!

And the ladies, well . . .

They love men who can get things down from trees.


What is with that steam I--

. . . ?




Ryotsu suddenly has a growth spurt so big his clothes get ripped apart!

"W--wait! No! Come back!" (nice bulge, Ryo-san)

We've got a BIG problem, guys.

Before was good, but now Ryotsu is TOO big.

What's he gonna do?

Only one thing for it!

Find that old guy again and make him change him back!

Busting down the doors to his lab . . .

The giant Ryotsu has no problem catching the tiny old coot.

But for solutions to Ryotsu's predicament he offers, well . . .

Ryotsu's body is still adjusting to the formula. In fact, he might have even more growing to do!

Wait, more growing . . . ?!


Uh oh!

His head is soon knocking on the ceiling!

What if the building runs out of room?!

What then . . . !


Oh ye lord! Think of the children!

What would you do when confronted with an 80 foot naked man?

The grandmother, at least, seems to enjoy it. xD;;;

He spies some water!

Good! That'll give him some cover!


The crowd continued to gape as he swims away . . .

Possibly because of Ryo-san's patented swimming technique with his butt above water.

A line of police vehicles soon flanks him.

Keeping pace with the naked giant!

The bridge is up ahead . . .

And all his friends are there to meet him. :0

G--good swimming Ryotsu.

Ryotsu finally notices the crowd ahead . . .

Oh no, everybody's looking at him!

He sticks his head underwater, rather than face them in his condition.

But even giant lungs can't hold out forever . . .



. . . what a perfect eye-level they all have.


"R--Ryotsu! Put some clothes on immediately!" blusters Ohara.

"But chief!"

Where the heck is he gonna get a uniform in his size . . . ?

(to be continued ;D)