Shonan Junai Gumi

Ah, Shonan Junai Gumi, the series that GTO is a sequel to. Except, on this side of the Pacific at least, everybody saw GTO first so this series is always billed as a prequel to it instead!

The two series share many of the same characters, and it gives us a fun look at Onizuka himself back when he was a young delinquent. From the first episode alone we get a look at one of the most important events of any young man's life.

His first time getting laid (!!!!!)

Yes! A serious of hilarious misunderstandings has convinced young Eikichi that his hot teacher waits in this hotel room for him to deflower her.

Bait too good to possibly pass up!


Unfortunately however, no invitation is given to enter his sensei's bed. Indeed, the woman says nothing at all!

As he despondently turns to leave in disgrace however, a cute, dainty, feminine hand plucks at his jacket for him to stay!


That's all Eikichi needs to hear!

He then manages to strip off approximately five articles of clothing all at the same time.

Before he knows it, Eikichi is thrown on the bed.

Hahah, what's this? In the butt?

That's totally normal!

Except for . . .

. . .


Hahah, so it turns out her teacher was evil and set him up with a gay yakuza or something. It was all in good fun! I'm sure he'll be walking fine in a week or so.

Racing butt-naked out of the hotel, he meets up with friend Ryuji and briefly exchange information.

. . .


Oh god, he was followed!

And so this post ends like so many others, with the hapless hero running away naked from a hulking gay man who wants to continue pounding his tight, virgin ass. . . .


  1. It scenes like this that remind me of why I got into anime! XD