Today's post focuses all on this guy, name of Seika Shin!

He is CrimsonBlood's original character, and is a mercenary hero who fights for justice.

Learn a bit about him, why don't you!

He carries a big-ass sword.

Which is sometimes also on fire.

Pretty hot stuff!

Horns, a cape, and tight red underwear makes up the rest of his ensemble.

I enjoy seeing different artists' interpretation of the same character, don't you?

Fire is his elemental power, so it often shows up in artwork featuring him.

"But why does he wear such a skimpy outfit?" I can hear . . . possibly one among YOU people asking. (the rest don't care and are already fapping)

Well . . .

The thing is.

His fire powers. They BURN, you see.

And every time he uses them they kind of engulf his whole body.

Which tends to lead to . . .

Situations like these.


So since it's all gonna get burned away anyhow, there's not much sense wearing too much in the first place, right? (right!)

Good reasoning, hero!

Not only that, but sometimes Shin's power threaten to go out of control on him. When he can feel that sensation coming on, he goes off alone into the wilderness and chains himself up so that he won't accidentally hurt any innocent people. (bondage!)

Rov here is his most frequent traveling companion. A were-cat!

And a pretty hunky specimen himself.

Er . . . looks like he forgot his pants though.

Ahh, there we go! Now both are wearing clothes.

AAAAH! You guys!

Due to his were-tiger curse, every full moon Rov becomes insatiably horny and must masturbate until the tension eases.

Which can sometimes lead to embarrassment as when Shin hears Rov moaning and thinks he's under attack . . . xD (as recounted in this fiction)

Still, it's better than the alternative of a bloodthirsty were-tiger on the loose!


Rov didn't use to have a tail in his human form, but now he does. ;D

Anyway, Shin and Rov are good friends who sometimes press their bulges together. u_u

Uh oh! It looks like we're getting to the last part now.


Better gird your loins, everybody.

Because here we go!

Seika Shin. :3