Savage Dragon (1)

One of Image Comics' first and most memorable heroes! I was surprised to discover his book is still ongoing. Did you know?

Now you do!

Action time!

His origin story involves waking up in places that are on fire, and some memory loss issues. Also, naked.

Sounds like a real problem!

Now he's a Chicago police officer. EVERY fight he's in, his uniform shirt gets ripped apart by powerful villainous punches. (for some sad reason, his pants usually remain intact though)

He's kinda like the Hulk, if Hulk had lots of body hair and kept his wits about him!

And a big fin on his head? He's gonna poke someone's eye out!

His books also have plenty of lady action if you're into that kind of thing! (warning, hetero content imminent)

Most of his gf's tend to die horrible bloody deaths, but it's nice that they're not afraid to show him some lovin' beforehand at least!

What's not to love? HE'S A SEXY GREEN HUNK O' MAN.

Oh, this is my favorite part of this post.

Surprise dragon fire leads to instant clothes vaporization!

Luckily, Dragon can finish the fight naked.



Heart boxers. ♥


This post covers the first 30 issues or so of his series. Who's up for the rest?


  1. I recognize Rapture (the black chick he's with in all those pics) but not Debbie...

    I guess she was one of the "casualties" of his love.

    Aw well.

  2. He's hot and I love the boxers. I have a thing for hot hairy guys in goofy print undies. I'd definitely be up to see more of him.

  3. Debbie was his first girlfriend, before Rapture. She's only in Issue #0 though that I know of. :/