Sportsfield Mishaps

It's that time again everybody!

Time for . . .

Sportsfield mishaps!


Yes, among all the running, romping, and tackling they go through, it's not uncommon for an unlucky athlete to get his shorts or kit yanked down!

Entirely by accident, of course.

It's not as if any of the other blokes playing WANT to expose the round, perky, spankable ass-cheeks of their fellow sportsman for all the world to see!

It's just that, with the rush of the game and during the heat of the moment and the roaring of the crowds and all that, you gotta grab any part of your opponent that you can . . .

And sometimes that includes his shorts!

It's not as if there's ever any inappropriate touching.

Like say, copping a feel during the confusion and the press of bodies.

Well, I'm glad we got THAT settled.

Wouldn't want any misunderstandings.

Back to the game, mates!

Save it for the locker-room, guys!


  1. Is this what you promote now?

    What one Earth is a Kit?

  2. rugby is a gentlemen's game. huahuahhuaa

  3. Kit is like another word for clothes, Jubell. I think it's a British expression though, because I've really only ever seen it used when talking about rugby uniforms, hahah.

  4. Lovely arses. *drools*

  5. Who is that in the third picture?

  6. I suppose that I can become a football fan from now! :)

    HAve a look at my yaoi & gay male art blog, I'm sure you'll love it!

  7. sigh...
    wonderful... <3
    SoupGoblin, you get the greatest pictures ever. You're just amazing. <3

  8. I love your blog. Those players are hot:) I painted this one: