Final Fantasies

A special weekend mega-post! Final Fantasy themed!

The pictures aren't gonna be organized by game or anything this time. That's way too much work!

Instead I'll just put them in order of . . . naughtiness. Here we go!

(Amano art~)

I'm not even gonna introduce the characters for you! Yeah, that's right! Not even Snow here!

Or shirtless Barret!

Or Sabin! (♥)


Wakka in a jockstrap!

My feelings about Final Fantasy are actually rather ambivalent these days. It occurred to me while making this post that the last game in the series I genuinely enjoyed was FFX . . . which came out like ten years ago. x0

Oh well, I'm sure I'll pick up the next one when it comes out anyway. Old habits die hard!

It helps that X was just so damn good.

Auron/Jecht is part of my personal canon. u_u

As would be Tidus and Wakka, if only Yuna wasn't there being so cute for Tidus. My dreams will have to live vicariously through fanart instead!

He's a treasure hunter.

In hindsight, I think FF was also my first foray into yaoi fandom, in the form of some random Cloud/Sephiroth fanfic I came across as a teen. Does anyone remember all those? There was so much. I remember being frustrated there was no Cloud/Barret though.

Luckily for us now, fandom has grown enough that every character gets countless rule 34s, often months before the game is even released!

Mighty Ronso.

dat booty


Blitzball action!


Squeeze squeeze

This one was commissioned by me from Dongsaeng a while back. Goddammit I just love Sabin x3

He's so cute!

And the world will always need more Gadot porn.

Same with Raijin!

Wakka already has plenty. But, eh . . . a few more never hurt. >.>

Vivi, what are you doing with Steiner's cock?!

I like how surprised Sabin looks that he's got a massive dick.

Kingdom Hearts counts as Final Fantasy, right?

Team bonding.

I spy another jockstrap ♥

Now we're getting to the juicy stuff . . .

Mmmmmmmf Jecht

Cum bead~

I wish Vaan had spent the whole game like this so Ashe could've been the main character of XII. D:

Inter-series crossover FTW


Furry butt~


Still with me? We're almost there . . .

Mmmmmmmf WAKKA. The ultimate bottom. ♥

Cocks galore!

That's Final Fantasy!


  1. Zack was so fucking cute. And Wakka was my fantasy for like 5 years lol. XD But yeah I totally agree with the whole FFXII thing, Ashe SOOO should have been the main character. Great post!! :D

  2. OMFG!
    I love Figaro brothers!
    So many years without playing any FF.

    I get hard watching all those beefy boys, they are great! Thank you so much!! @_@

  3. Zell!! Cid! Seifer! Aquall! Those muscle dudes I don't recognise! I love Final Fantasy Smut! ^_^

    I wonder if people draw gender flipped FF smut? Imagine hot muscley Quistis and Rinoa or Tifa! There's always pics turning guys into chicks but what about ladies into dudes?

  4. Beautiful pictures!

    I just LOVE Wakka's bubble butt. Yummy.
    I also like Sabin, Barrett, Raijin and that DILF named Jecht.

    Cloud's head is really the butt of a Chocobo.

  5. Someone should make a final fantasy game where you play as famous FF men, if your health metre runs out, you cum. Basically, defeat sexy monsters and try not to loose your cool.

  6. what comis is this:

    please i need this comic!!!!

  7. does juancho have a new blog? or where do all his drawings come from? please tell me im a big fan of him

  8. wakka is the best bottom ever!!!! AND DON'T YOU FUCKING FORGET IT!

  9. I know this was posted in 2011, but...No, Kingdom Hearts isn't a Final Fantasy game. I had to double check with my boyfriend to make sure. He said that even though it's shared between Square Enix and Disney, Disney technically owns the game. Also, even though Final Fantasy characters appear in Kingdom Hearts, they're not canon to the series. They're literally NPC's with no point. Like Wakka, and Tidus appear in the first KH game but they had no point. Tidus is literally was only there to practice combat. And OH MY GOD! JECHT IS SUCH A SEXY DILF!