Ie. the real reason Dragon Red Vol. 3 took so long! I got a little obsessed with Tales of Destiny.

And why shouldn't I! It's a pretty sweet game, and I love me some old-school RPGs. But more on topic, it had this guy in it.

I'd gotten so used to the Tales series being populated purely by pretty-boys that his appearance took my completely by surprise! Here's his status screen in the game. A mountain of muscle!

And here he is SD-style in battle. He fights with his fists, as all manly men should. Various sources seem confused whether his last name is "Khang", "Kong", or even "Kongman", but in fights he is known simply as BRUISER.

And at the end of every fight he grins and flexes his arm. Oh, whatta champ~

His story is that he's the top fighter in the game's Colosseum, until your main character Stahn comes along anyway and beats him. After that he insists on joining your party to get stronger. He also says lots of stuff to Stahn like, "You'd better not die out here! I'm the only one allowed to defeat you--when we have our rematch!" It's gladiator love. u_u

But mostly I like his silly tattoo and the bling around his neck. Yes, Bruiser, it's very manly! Now get back to oiling yourself so that your muscles gleam brighter. x3



A post on Aberrant Interests (a newly started bara blog that YOU SHOULD ALL FOLLOW/READ/SUPPORT beginning today) showed a few guys in jockstraps. It inspired me to post here a few of my own favorites~

The jockstrap is my favorite article of underwear (yep, even beats out fundoshi!). Maybe because of it's association with athletics, or maybe just because it can frame a jock dude's bubble-butt so well. x3


They make guys' asses looks so deliciously spankable. >3

It's hot when you can see the straps showing through those stretchy football pants, too. ♥

Even this pro-wrestler wears one in the ring . . . as the crowd was delighted to discover.

Even hairy bums look good in them. ;3
Shirts and skins?

Since I'm an ass man, most of my collection is shots taken from the rear. Here's a frontal though, just for completion's sake. Actually, this is from wikipedia's entry on the subject. They sure know how to pick them over there, don't they?

A little Venom

My favorite Spider-Man villain! He's got an alien symbiote that fuses to his (big, hot) body and makes him super scary/badass/freaky/strong!

There was no Venom in Spider-Man 3. Venom is supposed to be ripped and beefy. Not . . . that.

But the best thing about Venom is that whenever one of the symbiote's weaknesses (sound, fire, um . . . whatever the writers feel like that month) is used against it, it goes all disintegratey and reveals Eddie Brock's hunky body underneath.

These scans lovingly stolen from Shirtless Superheroes, which you should all already be reading anyway!

Since Spider-Man's spider-senses don't tingle in reaction to the symbiote, that probably means Venom gets lots of opportunities to surprise butt-sex Peter.

Another of my favorite villains is Carnage. He's like Venom, only red and nastier. These three, Spider-Man Venom and Carnage, have ALLLLL teamed up against each other at various points, but usually it's Spider-Man and Venom vs Carnage as he is The Greater Of Two Evils.
And since it's Spider-Man, there's usually bondage involved somehow.

Here's some of the hottest comics pages ever, (again stolen from Shirtless Superheroes) where Carnage captures Venom and goes about torturing the symbiote off him. Does he really just want to see Eddie naked?
Mmmm, super-villains + alien goo + bondage!

And here's Carnage after getting HIS symbiote blasted off. He's not too shabby either!

But we all know Venom is the bottom in their relationship. =3

A few last images~
A cogent question!

versus Namor.

versus . . . Resident Evil's Chris!?