A late Furry Friday this evening at the Stash. This time we focus on one furry in particular. Breath of Fire IV's Cray!

Dude was buff and a Woren (BoF's cat people race). Hmm, let's check who my favorite characters were in past Breath of Fire's.

BofII: Katt
BofIII: Rei
BofIV: Cray

Gee, I guess I like Worens!

But what's not to like about them? They're awesome and (in IV at least) tribal. And not on the verge of extinction like they were in III. And Cray is their studly leader. ♥

Not that he spends much time actually leading them. He spends most of his time in the game looking after Nina, and hanging out with the party being hot.

. . . like this.

Cray and Rei goin' at it. Inter game crossover, or TIME TRAVEL?
Giving Ryu a spankin' ♥


  1. LOL, ryu only said
    "reeks of wet dog", he didn't dare to say wet cat ^^

  2. His furriness is only the tail, would that enough to make him smell like a wet 'dog' when he sweating?

  3. I kinda assumed the "wet dog" comment referred to Scias sitting there watching. Hence his resentment. ;p

  4. LOVE Breath of Fire and the boys in them are SO FUCKING HOT. THIS WEBSITE ROCKS!!