Green Aliens Need Love Too

Dragonball's Piccolo!

. . . naked! Wow, for not really having a gender, Piccolo sure does have some nice male genitalia in his fanart. (How do Nameks reproduce, anyway? Asexually?)

THIS PAIRING IS CANON TO ME. Aww, he and Gohan are so cute.

But Piccolo/Goku has a certain appeal too.

Especially since Goku makes such an awesome bottom. x3

Even better when Yamcha joins in~

Or Vegeta too.

Some b/w doujinshi pages to finish up.
This one is so cute! Piccolo getting nosebleeds and running from a naked Goku.

Having fun in the afterlife


  1. sweat!!! more dbz bara plz

  2. hey, great art!! its as if Akira Toriyama himself made this !!!
    who's the author?? up more plzzzz~~~
    i'd like gohan, trunks, vegeta, goten, uhmmm :d

  3. Wow!!! I can't believe you have one of my drawings here (piccolo in the water)cool!!

  4. oohh i love piccolo
    dbz bara is great

  5. This post is awesome, I mean, look at the pics; uke Goku sure is the best~ ;D

  6. Best Post Ever...
    It's just 6 AM and you already made my day :3
    Best wishes!!!..
    (sorry for my bad english)