Is he ranting now?

Retards on /bara/ piss me off sometimes. I love the place, but I swear to jeebus. Why would you flame someone on a PORN board about being turned on by an image? Isn't that what the board is for? If you're personally grossed out by the picture then fine, whatever. LOOK AWAY. HIT THE BACK BUTTON.

Or better yet, POST SOMETHING ELSE! Maybe something that YOU like instead.

It's not hard. Some of us do it all the time.

I guess I just personally get annoyed when I see someone getting flack over a fetish. Not everything needs to be mainstream, guys. You're on the fucking internet. You can post whatever you want. Freedom for porn. Revel in the unusual. Let your childhoods be fucking raped. Why? Because maybe it's HOT to someone. Maybe a lot of someones. Maybe even you, if you'd learn not to knee-jerk and let it. Just don't be an asshole and ruin it for someone else. Ugh.

No one should feel guilty just for being turned on by something. Yes, this includes furry, guro, scat, WHATEVER. Porn loves taboos, and there's a million and one categories of 'em in the world. But you know what? These are only images. And they're likely, to quote Penny Arcade, not for you. They're for a particular group of fans who enjoy that kind of thing and MAYBE there'd be whole lot more of them openly admitting their liking and coincidentally being happier individuals IF CERTAIN PEOPLE WOULD STOP MAKING THEM FEEL LIKE SHIT FOR IT.

No, the flame in question wasn't on something I posted. And no, I myself didn't even like what was posted. But it doesn't matter. Out there, someone else DID like it, and they were just called disgusting for it. It's not right.

Stuff like this happens all the time. I'm overreacting. Grow a thicker skin. It's just the internet, it doesn't matter. But yes, actually it does.

Expect a post of actual substance (ie. hot buff men?) tomorrow, but for tonight I'm done.


  1. Couldn't have said it any better myself. Certain bara goers can really have their heads up their asses from time to time. I wonder if half of them even know that there's a "hide thread" button?

  2. Oh man! Myopic "fetish x is better than fetish y" flames on /bara/ are so goddamn annoying. It's like these people don't understand why the board exists. (Spoilers: so people could stop flaming each other on /y/). BLEH!

    Hello. I'm a Croup Groupie. (A Croupie?)

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  4. Can we get a link to the thread in question? I like to have complete context for rants like this.

  5. Wow I wonder what that was about. I'm kinda shocked that there's friction in porn boards.

  6. Oh, there is Ronnie. In any social group there's bound to be some kind of friction eventually, and bara fandom is no exception. ;]

    Errr, it's funny that you mention the "hide thread" button Demonfruit, because actually *I* didn't know about it until just now when you mentioned it and I investigated. Ha ha! But now I know. And knowing is half the battle.

    (and gggghk, I need o link to you guys' new blog like right NOW, because holy crap it is awesome and better put together than mine and has lots of hot new bara releases, YES PLS) Can I be a DemonFruit and Zombot groupie? xD

    Lifeless1, meh, I guess it won't hurt at this point. Especially since a couple OTHER people also already jumped on the "crush the hatehs" bandwagon. It's at the bottom of the tentacle thread: http://www.anonib.com/_bara0/index.php?t=4181

    Feelin' a bit better now!

  7. . . . And now I see ANOTHER flame war on a new Kakashi thread. ARRRRRGH

  8. Basically I dont care what images they posted on /bara/ as long as it's not against the rules. But even then, you could always give a warning and make a spoiler (like those tagame's guro images)

    PS: I like that Kakashi thread ^^!

  9. demonfruit: That applies to pretty much any porn board, though. Hell, the easiest way to troll /y/ is to post a pic of a fat guy - it's GUARANTEED that someone will flip their shit.

    I'm surprised about this, though. /bara/'s usually chill about "out-there" stuff, and not just "out-there" as in "oh god big buff guys instead of sparkling bishounen." Most of the "drama" I've seen has been /social/-based (/social/ IS crack, but...not gonna say anything).

    As for rant, I'm probably going to hop on the bandwagon. LEARN TO IGNORE STUFF, OKAY? No one is forcing you to look at - say - the fatty thread or the watersports thread or what have you.

  10. Does this mean you'll host my latest great work, "Two Smurfs, One Cup?"

  11. Yay for SoupGoblin! I come here just to look at pretty pictures but I like your rant ;D because you are right. You just won 10 points!

  12. I wonder if half of them know /bara/'s origins.

    Long ago, in a place far away on 4chan called /y/, the bishie loves were like "Eww muscles" and flamed and banned bara posts. Which is why /bara/ was started. So they'd have a place to look at hot hairy muscle men without fear of prejudice. O /bara/, how far you've fallen (though, since the admin disappeared a while after it's creation, it's gone down from there with abusive mods and the like).