Once again I watch episodes of an anime I have no actual interest in, just because I heard there was a naked scene in them somewhere.

This time it's Xam'd: Lost Memories, episode 9! Raigyo here has just reunited with his ship (and the main characters) after a two year absence. During those two years, he's grown a ridiculous hobo beard!

Also, he smells. So they make him take a bath.

Which leads to a real nice five second butt-shot. x3

Later, main character Akiyuki is sent to . . . help him.
. . . by passing him things!

After the kid leaves, Raigyo sinks back down to enjoy himself.
Oh, anime. Only you could feature a man with a ridiculously large beard, but NO OTHER BODY HAIR.

Anyway, after a while Akiyuki comes back . . .
. . . to peek through the curtains?

Oh, no! To tell him it was dinner time, of course!
More booty shots.

Mourn the loss of the beard. D:


  1. TT__TT Burly to Bishi in like 3 screenshots. Seems somewhat tragic.

  2. His nose turned bishi, too. TT TT The wonders of cleansing.

  3. It's not fair, how come the only uncensored anime they ever show when I'm around ave hour after hour of huge naked tits but not a single decent male butt shot?

  4. lol ! To tell him it was dinner time, of course!