A little Jet Black

A lot of fanartists like to draw him with chest hair, even though it's canon that he's smooth-chested. Oh well, I like him both ways. :3


  1. OMG 1st of all thank you sooooooo much for the images, hehehe.
    Hm... Jet Black? I never thought of him as a sexy guy or something like it... But I'm starting to change my opinion... XD The second image is wonderful. Haha! See ya.

  2. that pic of jet leaning agenst the wall (2nd last)aslo had a line drawing of him fully naked with diffrent heads, any chance you have it and can post it?

  3. Best post ever.

    Jet is like. My perfect man. Physically and mentally and everything. God why can't he be real D8

    I even forgive him for being bald (I usually don't care much for bald guys, but if there is any one exception in the world, it is indeed Jet Black).

  4. Man, all of them are sweet, but this Altauro's Jet black is making me blush. Love the sketch.