Dragon Red Vol. 3

Lost my momentum half-way through this one, so it took a bit longer!

Download at:


  1. WOOO

    Eee Can't wait to read it. (Scampers off)

  2. This is awesome, man! *licks the host in appreciation*

    I can hardly wait for the Ranger Blue series! I love how Blue is always finding himself in situations where he's pinned down, helpless, while he watches (not without some enjoyment, it would seem) some young, thick stud tentacle raped! Woo hoo!

    Keep up the amazing work! Thank you SO much!

  3. You're the best! Love your works so much!

    They are TOTALLY AMAZING!!

  4. Thanks for the enthusiasm, guys!

    And hey mlr, I don't know where that tongue has been! :P

  5. Hooray!!!
    This was totally worth the wait!
    Looking forward to the next part, hope you continue your awesome work.

    :) Thank you so much for this!

  6. Outstanding!!!
    Been waiting for this for a while but it was worth it.

    Nice job as always, keep it up!
    You have my 101% support!

    I'll be waiting for the next part!!!

  7. Thanks a bunch, Croup! I can't wait to read this~

  8. I keep reloading the site finding to my dismay there isn't any new update. Then I see the Dragon Red pic, and I forget why I was upset.