Juushin Enbu

Juushin Enbu, aka Hero Tales, a martial-arts fantasy series from the creator of Full Metal Alchemist.

Meet it's main character, Taitou. He's just kinda your average shonen guy.

He's got a glowing glyph thing on his shoulder.

Oh, and when he gets REALLY mad, his clothes fly off.

But that's pretty normal for Taitou, since he's shown in his underwear almost every episode anyway.
Waking up after his sister hits him . . .

Bathing with his father . . .
(I've covered this scene before)

With his friend, Ryuukou.

Or, my personal favorite . . .
When he hangs out with fellow hot-blooded teammate, Housei.
The only solution for this is a rather silly FLEXING COMPETITION!
Laila picks a bad time to show up to tell them dinner's ready . . .
I haven't watched this show past episode 9. Anyone know if there's more fanservice scenes remaining?


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