Nishida Shin

Today's post was another request from the shoutbox. From the anime Jigoku Shoujo, or Hell Girl's third season, fourth episode. I'd never watched the show before, but it definitely looks interesting.
Don't let the tied up bishie scare you. This post is really about the guy who rescues him. For future reference though, this is Yukawa and he gets bullied a lot because he's basically a pushover pussy.

Three punks tie him up naked outside and throw snowballs at him. Er, snowballs with rocks inside. Jerks! But then . . .

This guy shows up.

Nishida Shin. He's on the kendo team and has a super manly voice actor.

After he scares them off, he helps Yukawa down . . .

You can't tell from this screenshot, but Yukawa is totally blushing the whole time. Can't really blame him, because Nishida is HUNKY.

This is Nishida's "come hither" look.

But Nishida mistakes Yukawa's blush for body-image embarrassment. So he shrugs off part of his kendo uniform to show that he's also smooth-skinned, even at the ripe old age of (gasp!) 22. Well, they are both Japanese. Hah! Hah!

He has a manly laugh with himself while Yukawa stands there awkwardly all naked. In winter. Er, he is probably Very Cold.

Anyway, the two soon become fast friends! They do everrrrything together.

Yukawa even travels with Nishida to cheer during his kendo matches. Then hang out together in the locker-room. (lucky bitch!)

Nishida was talking about how smooth he was before, but check out those hairy arms.

The two have this whole conversation with Nishida shirtless and Yukawa obviously noticing his shirtlessness. You'll just have to take my word that they were bashfully flirting the whole time.
Yukawa is all awkward about it because he probably thinks Nishida won't feel the same way, but Nishida obviously knows what he's doing when he calls Yukawa cute. The stammering afterwards is adorable!
Then he asks him out on a date.

This is when the episode gets REALLY gay. The pictures speak for themselves.
You have no idea how nice it was to watch an honest-to-god gay romance happen here. This isn't a gay/yaoi show, it's just a regular anime. A mature, horror anime, yeah, but I was still touched by how well they handled it. One half of the pair is even bara! That just . . . usually doesn't happen.

After Nishida, er, fails to try and fight crime while riding the bus, Yukawa condemns his soul to hell. Yeah, WTF. I guess stuff like this happens a lot on the show. I dunno.


  1. I watched the first episode of that anime and it seems quite good and the main character (the Hell girl) is really weird. Even if that's a little too shoujo-ish, I really find it interesting. Whatever I'll try to find and watch the episode you talked about as soon as possible.

  2. Heh, I don't mind watching shoujo. My favorite anime ever is actually a shoujo (Utena).

  3. Oh! Hell girl! Somehow I didn't realize that's what show this was until the end in the boat scene. Man, that show is great.

  4. I was a big fan of Utena too ! :-) Some of my ever favourite manga are shoujo ( Nana by Ai Yazawa, X ,Tokyo Babylone and Lawful Drug by Clamp and Angel Sanctuary and Godchild by Kaori Yuki are on my top 10 ! Lol) I wrote shoujo-ish because the comic version of that anime really looks like a manga for little girls ... Whatever the kendoka really looks hot :-)

  5. Tokyo Babylon and X are probably my fave manga of all time. Actually, I really enjoy most anything by CLAMP.

    Wish they'd continue Lawful Drug and X already though. :0

  6. Same thing for me! Tokyo Babylone was the first manga serie which made me cry... Lol. It sounds a little silly but it's true. The Clamp came at the Japan Expo at Paris and they have been asked about X and they assured they will make all they can to publish the end as soon as possible... Hope it won't be too long. I'm totally crazy about XXXHOLIC and TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE... Well to sum up, I'm a Clamp addict! Lol

  7. P-s: I've read some of your Naruto fanfics and ... Wow ! They're hot! :-D I really like them!

  8. LOL, thanks. It's been a while since I bothered writing anything. Most of my old fans are probably pissed that I never finished Konoha Wrestling. (or relieved I won't be subjecting them to spanking fetish fiction anymore xD;;)

    Crying at Tokyo Babylon isn't silly at all, especially if it's at the ending. Man, that thing was intense. It takes a real man to admit when he's cried! ;P

    I've heard CLAMP say that before, but that was years ago . . . They've left us hanging for so long, my hopes of ever seeing a real ending to the series have slipped. They obviously know how it all turns out, given the ridiculous amount of foreshadowing they constantly dose the series in. Just wish they'd give it to US, y'know?

  9. Lol in the other hand, I imagine that X,Clover and legal drug became more legendary because they don't have end... And yes,it was Tokyo Babylone's end which made me cry :'(. I remenber have been really amazed by the cruel destinies of each of the 3 characters and it was the first of a long and still real passion for the stories made by Clamp. :-)

  10. Oh Shit!
    Now I'm really looking forward to season 3!

    They've only shown seasons 1 and 2 here where I live.
    I watched this show regularly even dough Im not a fan of horror anime.

    The stories in every episode is usually like that, its either a jerk who gets sent to hell in the end or some poor guy.

    Thanks a lot for posting this!
    Now I'm gonna look for the episode!!! :)

    Keep on Rocki'n!!

  11. Ahh Jigoku Shoujo my favorite anime ^^.

    But the third season is the worst of all. Everyone seem sending someone to hell for the weirdest reason. The fourth episode is just being one of them. But yeah, this is one good episode minus Yukawa (but the "confident Yukawa" is pretty nice I guess).......

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  13. I always avoid to watch Hell Girl on TV because it generaly sucks! (I think it sucks!)

    But I thank you A LOT for showing us this episode. They are a really beautiful couple (while they last). And it made me cry too.

    Jojojojo. Uhhhh.

    PD: Ahhh I manage to find the vols 4 & 5 of Masuraou in french. I will start translating at least the text, because the cleaning of pages is really tedious and boring and i don't wanna do it. I will send you a note when i had a decent progress.

  14. Ken Ohgy ,that's not Hell Girl that made me cry! Lol. That was Tokyo Babylon and it was 10 years ago (oh sh.. Already?! Lol)

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  16. Just a note to say that he doesn't have hairy arms: those are bruises from his kendo competition...