Grunge the Straight Man

WARNING. Before you read on, be aware that this post contains BOOBS, WOMAN-FOLK, and HETEROSEXUALITY (ew!). If these topics offend you, read no further!

So yeah, Grunge. As much as I'd like him to be gay, he's totally into the ladies, right? It's sad, but some facts just need to be faced up to! As a true Grunge fanboy, I must admit to it.

And yet . . . he's still really hot even when he's drawn with chicks. Conundrum! To show, or not to show?

Let's ease into this and start with some images where he's there and girls just happen to be present, yeah? Nothing to be afraid of!

Some team pictures.
Ripped up beach outfit.
You just know that Grunge is a messy eater and he'll need some help licking grease and ketchup off his chest. >_>

He's so short compared to the others. x3


Aww, I always did think he and Roxy were cute. They were cute and best friends with one-sided romantic tension depending who was writing them at the time!
Drug trip!
Grunge is pretending he's Colossus in this picture.

Now let's go a bit more risque, eh?
A wet t-shirt contest? But Grunge doesn't have a wet t-shirt! :0

Grunge only lusted after Cat for what, the whole series?

Not to mention random bimbos like this one.


I dunno, he steals the girls' tops, but decides to streak on top of it? Either way, it's Grunge's bare ass, so I'm not complaining.

Now for some weird stuff . . .
Grunge as Jabba gives me nightmares.

But Grunge as a Conan barbarian dude gives me boners.

We're nearing the end!
GRUNGE ERECTION! Oh, and Cat's there too.

Must be one of Grunge's fantasies, because there's no way this could ever happen in the books. x3


  1. Actual, Grunge has "canon" porn of him. Or you could say that. One of the Marvel artists made pictures of him fucking some of the girls. They've been posted on /bara/ before.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. *gasp!* For real? I lurk /bara/ all the time, and don't remember seeing those!

  4. yes, there is official porn out there of gen13. these were commissions from what i remember.

    i know they were posted on anon, but i'm not so sure it was bara.

  5. Dude, now Grunge is giving ME boners. Your fault entirely. Though if you've got more I wouldn't object. XD