I never got around to reading the comics but um, yes. Why is this big red guy so damn hot in those movies. Is it the deep gruff manly voice? The thick body? The horns? The tail?
In the shower scene we come THIS close to getting an ass shot. :0

Fanart time!
LOTS of fanart depicts him getting tentacle-raped. Only natural, considering how often he's fighting them . . .

The 'Soto' this artwork is dedicated towards is none other than the premier Hellboy fanartist himself (known simply as "Hellboy" on y!gallery). It's safe to say he's the guy's biggest fan. x3 Let's check out his art below!

Oh, did I mention that he REALLY likes to draw HB getting tentacle-raped?
He also likes to experiment with 3D programs like Poser.
At the moment he's still working on an epic comic featuring the demonic fella. You can check it out at his yahoo group.


  1. Hellboy is a really good comic and Mignola has created an extraordinary universe for his Red hero! Thanx a lot for these pics! ^^

  2. in love. there should be a wolverine section