Berserk: Final!?

And that just about completes the Berserk image dump.

You know you're into a show when you're even attracted to the men you really shouldn't be. Like Gambino.

Or Zodd.
Zodd gets bonus points for ALSO being a furry when he feels like it.

Yep yep yep . . . that's Berserk for you!


  1. To tell you the truth, I watched Berserk anime, but skipped continuously just to watch Gutts scenes *laugh*

    Oh but the manga.... Holy God! Even with the guro and SM play content in it, the aura of bara of it is sooo thick you could smell it!

  2. nice berserker pics croup hey ive wanted to ask u for a while now where'd u get the dbz bara especialy the pics with savant written on it send ur answer to my e mail its kirafan2@gmail.com and thanks if u can

  3. I admit to be completely turned on by Berserk!