Metal Armor Dragonar

Someone on /bara/ uploaded a few screens from this show, and it got me interested. Dragonar is an old-school mecha anime (though you wouldn't know it from the shots I'll be posting) first aired in 1987. That makes it about five years younger than my beloved Macross! It was originally intended as some sort of Gundam prequal or something, but that got scrapped once production got underway.

The shot above is of the three lead pilots, Tapp, Kaine, and Light.

But me? I immediately fell in love with their boss.

Meet Ben Rooney. From Wikipedia: "Kaine, Tapp and Light's direct superior, a gruff but caring soldier who takes the three trainees under his wing and instructs them in piloting. Often nicknamed 'Umiboozu' (sea monster) by Kaine because of his large size."

Here he is teaching the boys some judo throws in episode 19.
I love big manly guys like him. :3
Let your imagination take over here for what Kaine is saying to make him blush like that . . .

Later, in the showers . . .
Kaine and Light are washing up.
. . . Until Ben walks in.
I don't know what they did (the episodes on youtube are raw), but whatever it is it's enough for both guys to run away from him--without putting their clothes back on.
And for Ben to chase right after the two.
He even chases them into the ship's pool.

Until a GIRL shows up.
That's around when Ben realizes . . .
. . . that he's lost something. x3
Gads, why is it so cute/hot when big manly men get embarrassed?

Kaine and Light try to make a break for it . . .
It doesn't go too well.
Once Ben retrieves his towel he also beats a hasty retreat.

After the commercial break, Kaine and Light are BACK in the showers.
Only this time with more innuendos and dick-peeking.
Ben exits the locker-room only to catch sight of his female crush walking up the hall . . .
He quickly changes and does his salute.

Kaine starts to say something he shouldn't so he gets some body contact.

Dragonar must like their shower scenes, because the VERY NEXT EPISODE (that's 20 for those of you keeping track at home!) we're treated to another one. This one's got Tapp joining in on the action.
He decides to make an important phone call.
. . . unaware that Kaine and Light the pranksters have chosen him as their next target.
"You guys!"

The frazzled Tapp needs to keep talking on the phone as if nothing's wrong.

While Kaine gets to work . . .

Pressing his, um. Into Tapp's, uh.

And reaching for his, er.

Then Light gets in on the action.

What do they see . . . ?

"You guys!"

His phone call over, Tapp demands an explanation for the molestation.

But he receives only smirks and shrugs.


Another chase ensues. Maybe Kaine and Light just enjoy being chased around by half-naked hot guys?
But an unlucky bar of soap interrupts the fun.



And just to add insult to injury-


  1. That is awesome. Thanks very much for posting these!

    I have missed out on so many men in raw anime. >.>

  2. Yes, embarrassed beefcakes are the best.

  3. i imagined lots of fanfic already...
    Those four guys are simply adorable... My favorite is Tapp of course. I wonder what Kaine do to make him blushing like that?
    Judging from his satisfied epxression, its probably a handjob.

  4. Heh, I wish. Tapp was actually on the phone with his girlfriend I think, so Kaine was just trying to embarrass/tickle him while trying to talk to her.

    I like our version better though. ;]

  5. Man, bathroom shenanigans in anime are so much better than in live action.

  6. Love this! XD
    I so wanna see these scenes!
    Could you tell me where I might view the episodes with these scenes in them? ^_^

  7. Nice angle on that first shower screen! Please post more! :D

  8. What episode number are these clips from?