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One Last Hurrah

So the official end of Summer was, what, last week? I never did go to the beach like I wanted . . .

Oh well, maybe next year!



So there's a new trailer out for FFXIII so I was checkin' it out an--HOLY CRAP SNOW IS SHIRTLESS IN IT.

So I took caps.

You just know that Snow is the "new" Wakka for all the bara fanboys to lust over. Just like green is the new pink, 12 is the new 11, and gay is the new straight.

Gadot is super smexy too. He hasn't had any shirtless scenes yet, but with that outfit he doesn't really need any?

Some PORN to round out this post.


Umisho (Part Two of Two)

The public indecency continues!

And Masa apparently wears briefs (when he wears any underwear at all)

Yet another new speedo . . . This one has his own face placed on the crotch.

Masa's got the kind of character design where just him standing around is cap-worthy.

Playing soccer~ (still in his speedo?! @_@)

Passionate hug!

One incident lead all the boys to try on the female swimsuits . . . Ikamasa went first, of course.

But soon he roped the others into it. x3

I like this shot because of, um, his position.

He likes to sit with his legs spread wide.

Too bad it leaves him kinda vulnerable . . .

Masa's not the only hottie on the team. This guy was nice-looking too. He only lasted one or two eps though. : /

Masa also wore a super-hero outfit one time, in order to satisfy my spandex fetish.

And of course, the token hot spring scene where the boys try to look in on the girls' side.

But in Ikamasa's case, only because he was told they were shaving each other over there. xD;;

Sometimes he gets a bit enthusiastic.

After they're discovered, they are clobbered senseless and left ass-up for the rest of the episode.

As team captain, he always shows solidarity by watching the others' events. So he dresses casual.

But soon, even those clothes end up coming off . . .

They begin singing and dancing to show their support!

He explains himself.

That's when . . . everyone starts noticing something.

Something is poking out . . .

And Ikamasa doesn't notice when his shorts end up slipping completely off.

That's the kinda guy Ikamasa is, I guess!