Birthday Bash

And that concludes Fighter Week! I know that there were plenty of guys and games that I missed, so sorry about that. I can't play every release containing hunks beating the crap out of each other. (or can I?!) Thanks for reading anyway!

But this day marks another special occasion. Exactly one year ago, a certain blog was created. That's right, it's the Stash's birthday! When I first made this place, I didn't think it'd last this long. Figured I'd make a few posts, receive zilch comments, and then eventually quit out of boredom. The fact that I've kept it going is a testament to the many wonderful people who regularly give me feedback. That's right! You, yes, you, are responsible for the Stash's continued existence today!

Or maybe I just really like babbling about things that give me boners? Hmm, I wonder . . . Oh well.
To make it all personal and shit, a picture of yours truly, sparkling with delight!

And lastly, we can't let a birthday go by without doing the proper traditions, can we? That means . . . that's right . . . Birthday Spanking! (we're spanking a blog, now?)
This is the reason I never post my own art to this thing.

Yeah, just imagine that's the anthropomorphic personification of the Stash up there. Since it's his birthday, it's only natural he's in his birthday suit. Now, who wants to give him the one to grow on? x3


  1. Happy birthday Stash ! ^^
    Thou shalt bring us a lot of fun in the future !
    Great work soup ! ;-)
    Best wishes
    Cheraldur Coxxx

  2. tiinman with identity crisisSeptember 7, 2009 at 10:05 AM

    Today is your day, and you're wished the best,
    I hope you celebrate it, with a lot of zest.

    For today though you are a year older,
    Store away your many wishes, until you feel bolder.

    So let the drums roll and horns toot,
    Now make a wish for a lot of loot.

    ps: im not that good with poem...

  3. Gives the stash a nice juicy B-day spankin. :D

  4. Happy happy birthday
    from all of us to you
    we wish it was our birthday
    so we could get spanked too


  5. just found this blog a few days ago, its great, happy one year

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Nice! The Stash and I have the same birthday, sweet!

  8. When I made this post I didn't expect to get poetry in response. xD

    Thanks again everybody!

  9. Oh god, I almost want to draw anthro!Stash now. Oh god.

    I have only resentment, Soup. ONLY RESENTMENT.

    (Happy birthday, Stash! 8'D)

  10. Anything you can come up with Turninto would be better than my crappy efforts, I'm sure!

  11. Happy birthday to you and your beautiful blog.:-)))

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  14. argghhhh don't mind that deleted post, it's me and my lagging X_x

  15. Happy birthday! Hopefully this site will be around for a loooong time because.. well, I think we need good and proper bara-blog to the middle of thousands (and extremely bad and sad) yaoi-blogs ;>
    Keep on going \o/

  16. Very happy birthday to the blog!

  17. DUDE! So sorry I forgot to stop by earlier and say congrats on the Stash's birthday! The ONE time I don't check in regularily and I miss something big.