Inukami. I, um.

Let's go to pictures, shall we?

From episode 2, "Machos are Lickity Licky". It starts with some typical shots of a buff monk training at a waterfall. Y'know, like they do.

Obviously, to train properly one must strip down to fundoshi. ♥

He is clearly a powerful warrior . . .

He bellows a deep, manly roar.

After the credits roll, we switch to the main characters. Keita, who works as a spirit tamer, is summoned to an out-of-the-way temple for an unspecified job. When he gets to discussing the details with the old caretaker, however . . .
He's attacked by the same man we saw earlier!

Attacked! And then . . . licked?

Eyeful of groin!
. . . and faceful of foot!
It turns out that this large man has been possessed by a dog spirit, making him act this way. The dog isn't a malicious spirit though. All he seems to want is affection and puppy love.

Then Keita finds out there are actually twenty other spirits . . .
Who all want to say hello!
The pun has to be made. Dog pile. There! I said it!

Afterwards, Keita's face is left sticky with, um . . .

I'm sure we're supposed to assume that's saliva.

I'm sure.

It turns out Keita's "job" is to break the possession on these guys by . . . playing with and taking care of them like a good owner. Seems the caretaker is just too old to handle all the rambunctious muscle-pups!

So he puts leashes on all of them and takes them for a walk.

Through the nearby village!

Have you ever tried walking a group of excited dogs? I can attest to the fact that it IS pretty much just like this.

Later . . .
The caretaker also explains to Keita that he needs to pet the "dogs".

Keita gets kind of into it at this part. xD

Belly rub!

Even though the dogs could be trouble sometimes, at the end Keita learns just how much they've come to mean to him. After numerous Nausicaa parodies, they carry him off . . .
Such a beautiful story . . .

NOTE: this is also the show that in the first episode had a man shooting clothes-destroying rays from his penis that only worked on men.


  1. urm, could you tell me once more why Keita is himself wearing a dog collar?

  2. NOTE: this is also the show that in the first episode had a man shooting clothes-destroying rays from his penis that only worked on men.

    I. Uh. Wow.

    I don't know whether to be scared or aroused. Probably both.

  3. this Anime is definitely worth watching. Purely because there are lots of half nude muscle men shows up here and there...

    If my memory serves me right, the dog collar is the thing that bind the main character with his guardian spirit...

  4. Keita was going to give the collar to the dog spirit girl as the perpetual sign of their contract. She decided it was better to have on him since she's the one in charge. Something like that; I watched and abandoned the series awhile back.