King of Fighters

By request, another picdump. I don't have massive amounts of fanart on everyone like I did for Joe, but I'll show what I got!

Griffon after he loses a match :D

They made Ralf extra beefy for KoF XII, which I must say I approve of.

And how 'bout that Maxima?

And Gai? Even in official artwork he has a massive bulge. *_*

Let's not leave Shingo out!

Saved Ryo for last. =D
Check back later today for a Soul Calibur post, and then I think this Fighter Week is pretty much up . . .


  1. tinman with a migraineSeptember 5, 2009 at 2:10 PM

    holy man crap!!!
    lots of new KoF p0rns for me *yum*

    Btw, Dong Saeng is truly superb in drawing hot beefy hunk, and he can make them CUTE as well (that Gai's expression make me goes 'Awwww')

  2. w00t!
    i am SOO glad to see some Ryo Sakazaki art!!!!