From Rurouni Kenshin. Another of my early anime crushes. Though, oddly, until I looked up caps of him I remembered him being a lot buffer. I think my adolescent memory bara-fied him.

Sano had a lot going for him. In place of Kenshin's "oro", he was the show's token masculinity in a sea of prettyboy samurai. Also, he had a huge sword, and we all know how I swoon for those.

I spent half the series staring at his toned little animated chest. Whenever he'd fight, the folds of his jacket would open so nicely . . .

Armpit hair!

Looking sexy in defeat. (seriously though, Sano, eat a sandwich)

Bathtime with Yahiko.

He took his jacket off a lot but I always wished he'd remove those wrappings, too.

Some private bathtime now. x3

Aaaaand the fanart
Some beefy pics, more true to my own recollections!


  1. This has nothing to do with this post but I saw this vid and thought of you for some reason:

  2. Kinda bizarre, but I think my memory barafied Sano as well... oh, well. All that matters is that he gave my 12 year old mind something to fantasize about all those years ago. I think he was my first anime crush, actually... besides Kuwabara. How appropriate that he should even have the word 'bara' in his name. Rurouni Kenshin, Yuyu Hakusho, then Dragonball Z. What an awesome, bara filled lineup we had back in the day. *wistful sigh*