Mazinger Men

Some more hot-blooded Mazinger action! Shin Mazinger Z, episode 9. Continuing the sexy detective theme from that Gumshoe post, this time we're focusing on one sent to investigate the main character's household, which just happens to be a hot spring resort.

Detective Ankokuji is his name!

And he likes to get naked with little boys.
Bath time gets interrupted by Yasu, one of the resort's workers!

Some cross words are exchanged.
But Yasu fights dirty.
Man, I don't know if it's just me or what, but why are some character designs made hotter be their sheer ridiculousness? Look at this man's chin. It's crazy!

The detective does, however . . . have kind of an amazing ass.

Next episode, the Gamia Q sisters make another triumphant appearance. I didn't get any caps of them, but just know that they're totally hot (and need I remind you that this is coming from a gay dude, so these android gals have gotta be extra smokin' to even get a blip on my radar) and taking a bath while the three guys hide in a statue and perv on them.

Detecting the voyeurs, the Gamia sisters strike back the only way they know how.

Later, they burst inside to warn the others of the android menace . . . still naked.


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