Soul Calibur

Almost to the end here, folks!

Mitsurugi, my main man.

And for those who like their bara REALLY bara, there's none better than Rock. :3

Soul Calibur 4 introduced a fun new feature called 'Armor Break' >D


  1. Some of these are Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown, not Mitsurugi. Though they do look similar.

  2. Anon's right, but the only Haohmaru I see is the very first picture (which is his character artwork for NeoGeo Battle Coliseum).

    Of course, I can't really complain, since they're both smokin'. |D

    Either way, loooovely selection, as always, Soup! <3

  3. P.S. - The only real difference between Mitsurugi and Haohmaru's appearances are their hair colors: Mitsurugi has black hair, while Haohmaru has brown.

    Just thought it might help to clarify. D:


  4. Oh dear, sometimes I just can't keep all these samurai muscle men straight! :0

    Thanks for the clarifications, Turninto!

  5. God, now I want to play SC again. Haven't played it in...ages.

  6. Not just the first, but the 9th image is also meant to be Hoahmaru since it's supposed to look like his portrait from SS5, with the SS5 portrait background. And the 14th is meant to be Hoahmaru x Rasetsumaru.

  7. Oh, Rock and Yunsung and Kilik pics; sooooo aweeesoooomeeeee.....-droools--