So there's a new trailer out for FFXIII so I was checkin' it out an--HOLY CRAP SNOW IS SHIRTLESS IN IT.

So I took caps.

You just know that Snow is the "new" Wakka for all the bara fanboys to lust over. Just like green is the new pink, 12 is the new 11, and gay is the new straight.

Gadot is super smexy too. He hasn't had any shirtless scenes yet, but with that outfit he doesn't really need any?

Some PORN to round out this post.


  1. Dammit, his nipples are so...suckable :O~

  2. OMG there is already porn stuff about FFXIII oO


    FUCK, Snow is even hotter. I've felt in love with him since the first time I've met him.

    I'd allow him to do anything to me <3 The way he wants.

    He's so...lickable.

    I beg you, post moar Snow and Wakka.

  4. If we all cooperate, do you think we could afford to ask Pixar studios to make a 3-D gay movies?
    Starring Snow, Wakka, Gadot, Chris, Bang, Ryu and Akuma
    An orgy fest *daze~*

  5. Anon @ 1:02: I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  6. the 14th picture is so HOT!!

  7. I don't know what it is, but something about this guy tell me that he's going to be a perfect victim for my stripped and embarrassed fetish!

  8. Snow is hot, but am digging the friend a bit more. Anyways hot find, keep em comin sugah

  9. Yes, I'm also waiting for Gadot. Geddit? Geddit? Ha ha ha.

  10. Anon @ 10:24: You say that as if "both" aren't an option. DAYUMMMMMM

    ...I have a feeling December 17 will be a date that lives in infamy. Kittens will tell tales of the mass slaughter for generations to come.

    ...not going to lie, the main reason I'm looking forward to FFXIII is because of the tsunami of pr0n which will be forthcoming.

  11. @inferno:
    Just like those previous trends, we could expect lots of artist make the porns out of Snow and Gadot.

    Wheee~ Oh, how I love living as an adult in this era!

  12. I never noticed how hot Snow was before. If you'll pardon the pun...

  13. Lol, amusing coment...tougth i like the Pixar idea, or maybe not pixar but buy powerfull programs to make 3D porn
    And yhea, Snow is hawt, too much for his own good
    He can expect to be raped in many fantasys and porn art D=