Rival Schools

Had requests for more Rival Schools, so I'll just unload everything I've got!

As usual, I like to start out with some "official" examples of in-game beefcake. Now on to the fanstuff!

Since he's pretty much the main character, let's have some Batsu first. He already got one post a while back, but, like jello, there's always room for more!

Gettin' molested by Roy.
And then makin' Roy his loveslave. :3


Molested by Daigo.

Speaking of Daigo, how about that big gang-leader?
Bangin' Edge.

Gettin' felt up by Hyo. Maybe that's how he was brainwashed?

And how about their incredibly hunky coach, Hayato?

A real man's man. u_u

With some really . . . interesting . . . coaching methods.

That's how it is at Justice High.


  1. OMG I loooooooove Rival Schools!
    I missed some other guys but all of that was fine.
    Can I suggest you a post about Soul Calibur? Or maybe Prince of Persia?
    Yep, I love those game hunks... XD

  2. Rhaa! My dear Croup,I thank You! Those rival schools fighters are all HOT! Thanx for sharing! ^^

  3. Awesome! You wouldn't happen to have anything on Urien from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike? I rarely find porn on that guy & he's barely naked!

  4. Hi tayigi !
    I uploaded a Hardcore-bara-Streetfighter-fanart feat. Urien fucking Adon on http://www.ib4f.com/board/bara0 (drawn section) ;-)
    Best wishes
    Cheraldur Coxxx

  5. I love you Gabe. @_@