Insert what where?


  1. Before I start: Source on the guy with the wrench and the guy with the nunchucks, please?


    ...is it bad that I'm laughing at the With No Title one because it reminds me of last week's Oglaf comic? [Probably borked to all hell - the site's been on the fritz this week. I can upload the comic if it's not working, though.]

    Suffice to say: Stay safe. Always keep it sheathed.

  2. Hey soup ! ;-)
    Nice pics ! Thankz !
    1160873033031.jpg is so hoooot !
    What a hunk ...what a tasty butt ...
    2004_018_bi.jpg is also very hot !

    03.4a.jpg is from this extreme talented artist...don t know his name.
    It would be great if you could make a post only with his artworks !
    I would kiss your feet 4 this favour ! :-) ;-)
    Best wishes,

  3. Uh. Lessee, anon...the second one you were talking about was the one with the practice kendo sword, right? That looks like Mentaiko's work, though I believe Jukebox is highly similar.

    Or am I confusing things?

    I also just noticed that the guy with the wrench also has a screwdriver up there. I was WONDERING what the other thing was.

    ...well, that's another way to use your tools, I guess.

    Anyway, the comic I mentioned, since the site itself is still fairly uncooperative: hands on your fortés, gentlemen.

  4. What s the name of the artist?(picture 03.4a.)
    Can somebody help me.

  5. 03.4a is definitely Mentaiko
    ff looks like Senga Migiri's
    e12 is definitely KURO.

    Others I'm not really sure...

    Btw, really love this post!

  6. Thanks tinman ! :-)

  7. @tinman: ff is the one with the nunchucks, right? That's what I THOUGHT, but I just wanted confirmation.

    Bunta4 (the one with the guy with the headphones and the nipple clamps), I'm pretty sure is Underground Campaign.