Joe Higashi

Another old favorite. Joe Higashi, from various Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games! He'd been absent from the series for a while, but Joe recently made his triumphant return for King of Fighters XII which made me a very, very happy boy.

Why's that you ask? Because Joe is a mainstay for me. He's just one of the best hot-blooded characters ever. Everything about him from his hair to his personality is amped up and ridiculous, but that just makes me love him all the more.

It also helps that he is often PLAYING WITH HIMSELF and PULLING HIS SHORTS DOWN in official art. =D
One of my fondest childhood memories is playing a KoF game for the first time at a friends house back when the Dreamcast was still around. (oh god, was that really almost ten years ago? I FEEL OLD AGAIN) Well, it must've been KoF '98 because my buddy pulled out Joe's infamous mooning taunt on me . . . and wouldn't stop using it.

Now, being a still-closeted and trying-to-act-straight teenager in those days, clearly I had to give some sort of "ewww!" reaction to that glorious butt to disguise my excitement. But my friend was just laughing his ass off and kept doing it. So I had my own fighter attack with a downward punch. It struck just as my friend's avatar was dropping his shorts again. The fist . . . the fist appeared to enter Joe's ass.

I was a lifelong KoF fan from that day forward.

Let's see some in-game endings artwork!

My favorite has gotta be this one, when Joe, Terry, and Griffon have to save three women falling from a balcony.
Joe saves his by catching their face . . . .with his groin. (oh, Joe)

Only to discover that the "girl" is really some kinda gay transvestite.

Now for some creative edits!

This is actually from a straight doujin, but the first page totally makes it look a homosexual bondage/rape scenario, amiright?

And lastly, the fanart~


  1. Ah... Joe Higashi.. Yet another hot-blooded fighter that tends to be my fapping material in my early days. Actually, if its not because the amazing artwork of Capcom (Art of Fighting, KoF, Fatal Fury), I would never put him in my list.
    Damn, his hot-blooded attitude, hot body and sexy taunt (mooning, scratcing his crotch), how could I not fantasizing him to be my slave? Unconsentual slave is the best, because you have to tame him first. *hohohohoho*

    Thanks Croup! For triggering my spark of lust for Joe allover again :)

  2. Joe Higashi is one of the most sexiest SNK characers ever "After Soiree and Yashiro". However their are so many yaoi pics of him on the net for the pics you posted, I already seen most of them, but it's still good "at least you actually update your site everyday". Bye abd take care.

  3. What is the straight doujin called? And got a link? Assuming it's Joe fucking a female

  4. Sorry, that one page is all I got. From what I know, I think Joe and Terry get drugged so they're super horny and then they fuck some chicks?

  5. Joe Higashi... Yowza! That's one hot muscleboy - 100% fantasy material.

    Just imagine this unsuspecting young kickboxer being told he can't fight until he's been "thoroughly examined" by the referee. Reluctantly, Joe stands in the middle of the ring while the ref gropes and squeezes every inch of the boy's tight hard body, teasing the crowd as he slides his hands over Joe's smooth sweaty skin. The young kickboxer tries to hide his embarrassment as the crowd cheer and scream for more.

    Finally, the public groping stops. Just as the muscleboy thinks his ordeal is over, the referee tells Joe that his new shorts aren't regulation colours and aren't allowed in the ring. Joe is given a choice - he can either lose the fight for breaking the rules... or he can hand over his shorts and fight wearing nothing but his briefs...

  6. Ohohoho! I like the way you think, Anon!

    For me, my favorite fantasy involves Joe's mooning taunt. Grinning cockily, he flashes his bare ass at his opponent. When he makes to pull his shorts back, however, Joe finds they're caught on something. It's actually his opponent, holding them down! Before he knows it, Joe's shorts are actually pulled farther down until they're around his ankles. That's when his big, muscular opponent takes the naughty kick-boxer over a knee and spanks 'im until that flashing ass is a crisp, dark red. It'll be a while until Joe moons again--unless he wants to show the world his punishment, LOL

  7. How and where can I get that video game of Joe in the nude kicking a guy called Kyosuke ? It's here :

    http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_UYq3yI0ZvPU/Sp5tnkFgvBI/AAAAAAAAIH0/wysFm4HPSlI/s1600-h/kof+bg12_anonib.jpg :

    1. It's called Capcom vs SNK 2.