Umisho (Part One of Two)

Sooo, Umisho (full name Kenkō Zenrakei Suieibu Umishō). It's an ecchi show ostensibly about a diving team but in reality about showing as many female swimsuit cleavage shots as humanly possible within every half-hour. But! In a move which seems increasingly common these days, there is one character tailored more towards our group's tastes.

And here he is! Straight from the opening credits

The captain of the swim team, Masa Ikariya, nicknamed Ikamasa. This musclebound guy is wildly enthusiastic about everything he does in the style of Maito Gai, Alex Armstrong, and who knows how many others by now. But one of his favorite things apparently is stripping naked in front of people--because he kind of does it a LOT.

Though usually censor-kid intervenes to keep the show at a safe rating.

In group photos he always poses to show off both bulge AND ass-crack.

Here's his first appearance in the anime!

Well, goodness!

He zeroes in on and greets the new recruit to their team. How nice to be welcomed by such a studly speciman!

However, Masa right away sees that something is awry. So he immediately reaches into his . . . pouch. *__*


Nah, he's just a hunk with a shaving fixation. Well, what man doesn't have a good fetish or two? Eh? Eh?


In a later episode he reveals that he doesn't discriminate based on gender whom he shaves. And, since this is an ecchi show and shaving is first used here as a metaphor for perverted lusting . . .

Up close and personal.

The guy's an exhibitionist. He really likes showing off his body and modeling new speedos. And he never seems to notice whether or not his audience appreciates the spectacle.

So he gets beat up a lot. : /

But he never lets it get him down!

Some shots of him in competition.

(if anyone's wondering, yeah, I did exhaustively cap every appearance he made for all 13 episodes. Somebody's a bit obsessed . . . )

He always gets on this girl, Orizuka's, nerves with his outrageous mannerisms. It's kinda cute!

And there was that one time they both decided to go skinny-dipping in the pool together. It was under the influence of trippy mushrooms, sure, but seriously it doesn't take much to make Masa strip on the best of days.

That wacky Ikamasa, butt-naked again!

Sometimes he's also naked in socially acceptable places, like the group baths.


He gets into an argument with another of the boys about proper bath hygiene . . .
So he punishes him. *____*

Dangly thing . . .


  1. Obsessed? No way! You're doing a public service and should be commended for doing so! *-*

    I think I love him. D:

  2. Aahahaha! UMISHO!
    I just know that this show will be posted here sooner or later!

    Ikamaccha is adorable. Kinda weird that no artist have made a fanfic about him yet (unless Gouryu maybe...)

    Still I amazed at the japanese stereotype of muscle men ^_^ In any way, they're considered as a bunch of narcisst-fetishists that like to shows of their muscle. Flexing their glistened bodies, coupled with rosy sparkling background. Always make me laugh ^__^

    Croup, could you dig a little about HardGay?

  3. Well, you made me obsessed. Now I'm trying to watch this anime...