Dick Gumshoe, pal!

Beat the first Phoenix Wright game last night and, as expected, had a splendiferous time. Courtroom drama is fun when you add puns, insanity, and expressive character designs!

Since I've finally been initiated somewhat to the Phoenix Wright series, I suppose it's only proper to pay homage to it's resident bara fapp material. Adorably hapless detective who never seems to jump to the right conclusions, Dick Gumshoe!

All his different expressions are so cute. ;_;

I bet you do, Mister Gumshoe. I bet you do.

This one makes me laugh because it's Google's second image search result for "Dick Gumshoe".

Wonder if he does this for all his "pals".
He's always concerned for Edgeworth and looking out for him like a good buddy. :3

When he isn't getting raped by von Karma, anyway.

Will Powers is the other big bara guy in the game. He and Gumshoe should hang out sometime.

Gumshoe has lots of buddies on the force . . .
If you guys leave comments, do me a favor and don't spoil anything past the first game, 'kay?


  1. OK Croup, this is getting kinda creepy.
    I too have recently decided to get into the PW games and fandom and was getting ready to start the first game last night, and what should I find on the Stash today but a lovely smorgasbord of Gumshoe hotness!
    I really think we might be subconsciously connected! XD


  2. I've been hopelessly "in love" with Gumshoe ever since I beat the first game when it launched. It was him that got me into bara material in the first place.

    He embodies pretty much everything I want in a man. If only he was real...*sigh*

  3. I like gumshoe's weenies too...

  4. OT: The Stash is probably responsible for 90% of the games/anime that I've gotten into in the past year.

    On-topic: Those screenshots are amazing. Seriously.

  5. Gumshoe's like the force bicycle. He's so adorable.

    At least he's getting some benefits from his job, considering his paycheck's been cut to peanuts by Edgeworth. 8{

  6. I LOVE Gumshoe more than any character from any fandom actually he is just that cout and loveable. I'm surprised you found some porn of him I haven't seen. Thanks for the post.

    Will Powers is so hot too. (I thought that I should tell you that you accidently called him Max Powers BTW)

  7. Gah! Thanks Herry. Fixed now. At least my mistake was another 'Powers' pun.

    I think you may be right, Sidious! Enjoy playing the game. Think of Gumshoe's hot body every time he makes an appearance! ;D

    I've seen lots of guys proclaim genuine love for this character. For Gumshoe, it goes beyond simple sex-appeal. Seems his goofy nature makes gay men of all kinds want to cuddle and take care of him, in addition to feelin' him up.

  8. Ack, I typed cute wrong in my last post. Haha. >.<;

    Glad that I could help out, pal. ;) I know you're gonna love playing the next games. They are all so much fun.

    I'm definitely one of the guys that likes Gumshoe because of more than just his awesome appearance. I love how he talks and how childlike he is. Plus that cute bandaid! Adorable. I'd love to hug him to death. XD

  9. Ever notice this about the first game:

    Gumshoe, no matter how much evidence you give him in game 1, believes Edgeworth is right, and Phoenix is wrong. NO MATTER WHAT. Except once. There is absolutely no evidence to the point even Phoenix believes Will is guilty, and yet Gumshoe thinks Will is innocent and talks Phoenix into continuing to defend him. The only reasonable explanation is that he and Will are fuck buddies, since all the evidence points to Will being guilty at the time and Gumshoe still thinks Edward is always right.

  10. Re: Anon's Greater Powers/Gumshoe Fuckbuddy Theory:

    ...if you'll excuse me, I'll be in my bunk.

  11. Yeah, it was my assumption for the whole game that Gumshoe at LEAST had a serious unrequited love thing for Edgeworth.

  12. Wait... Those dialogues about weenies are REAL? Its really in the game? *shocked*

    Okay, I havent touch any console for the last 6 years, so kindly enlighten me. What console is this? And what is the exact title?

  13. Yeah Tinman, they're real. Though I'm pretty sure Gumshoe is talking about hotdogs in them. xD

    It's the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series for the Nintendo DS. Point-and-click courtroom simulation games that are a lot more fun than they have any reason to be.

  14. @ tinman: they were in the third game of ace attorney series

  15. Welcome to the world of Phoenix Wright, Mr. SoupGOblin! Haha at the Will//Gumshoe theory. But Nooo! That can't be! Remember, Will was playing a kid's show character. Gumshoe was probably a huge fan of the show. Huh, I've actually never noticed he was being nice, heheh!