Spanking Saturday

So I've been doing some more photo manipulations lately, and posting the results to the m_mspanking google group. I'll cross-post them here!

Some rugby boys getting their sports physical . . .

"Now, are YOU gonna give me a hard time about the prostate exam like your mates did?"

After conquering his prey with a good spanking, the brute carries him back to his lair . . .

Frat pledge getting a check-up call from his parents.

"Yeah ma, the frat's great so far . . . No, there's no hazing or nothing . . . The campus outlawed all that . . . Where'd you get an idea like that anyway, ma?"

"Make sure you shave nice and smooth now . . . little boys who still get spanked DON'T have underarm hair!"

This is the last time these two try and take a shortcut down "Spanker's Alley"!

Young entrepreneur putting his ASSetts to good use . . .

"Dollar a swat!"

Spanked by the Coast Guard . . . They'll stay in the proper sea lanes from now on.

This cowboy is still feeling a little "saddle sore" from his punishment.

One more boy learns the time-honored father's rule: "You're Never Too Old For A Spanking"

"Think Coach is having a bad day?"

"What was your first clue!"

This contractor will definitely get it the right color now . . .

"Match it to THIS red EXACTLY!"

Why it's never a good idea to tell your friends when your birthday is . . .

"Who wants to give 'im his one to grow on!"

Even professional athletes still get spanked by their coaches . . .

Ever since the bar started advertising their new rule to the local frats, they'd been getting loads more business. "Show a red butt, get a free beer"

This fella got spanked this morning for wearing shorts under his kilt . . . He's not making that mistake anymore!


  1. the scottish one is really hot, maybe because it's outdoor and he's fully clothed X-X

  2. Yeah, the Scottish one its Hot ^w^

  3. The Scottish one, definitely!